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My Husky is having urinary problems

November 15th, 2006, 05:35 PM
I thought my Husky had a bladder infection ( she had some incontinence), Vet had her on antibiotics, hormone shot; the incontinence has stopped, but she still has a trace of blood in her urine. She had a blood profile done (all good), she has had her bladder x-rayed- it was good. She is going to be 4yrs. old next month. Her first time to be boarded was in September (10 days) She has been sick since!! First was a viral infection, then the bladder! She has been on medications since September!! Her appetite is basically at a standstill!
She hasn't lost weight, but she just will not eat!! She loves cheese, peanut butter. I can't tempt her. The Vet has been giving her B12 shots (shes had 2), & Tuesday he gave her some kind of steroid (!!), to give her 1/2 a tablet twice a day.( for appetite) Today, she seems to be interested in wanting to eat...but still pickey!!
She was still full of energy, she didn't act sick, but shes my girl & I worry about her. I've read in the forums about the foods. Shes been on Iams since she was a pup, but she doesn't eat well any time!! I've tried more dog foods & she turns her nose up at them. What type of food are some of the Husky owners feeding their pets? Santis is solid white, one half blue eye & brown, the other solid blue. She is so smart, I think she is human sometimes.