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i want another one

pug lover
November 14th, 2006, 07:56 AM
I am considering getting another bearded dragon i have spud now she is 1 years old :)

how would i go about introducing another beardie to spud? she gets along fine with my 2 dogs and considers my pug to be her bestest friend

I havent really been looking for a partner for my beardie nor do i intend on breeding her so i still have to locate a good match for her but us as well

spud is handled daily, is very active and has her own toy box i would need another beardie who likes to be handled and that DOESNT bite

is there any rescues around who i can contact about adult beardies?

November 14th, 2006, 08:29 AM
I had no real problems introducing my 2 water dragons to each other. I had my female(Lola) in an aquarium across the room from my male (Bandit) because she was too small to be put in with him. When Lola was big enough I started to hold her right in front of his window and when I took Bandit outside I put her in the viv to put her scent in there. Then I put her in with him for an hour or so to see if there was any fighting but nothing. Just a bit of "hello" head bobbing. :) I didn't leave the room the first few times.
The kids have been together now for 6 months and no problems.
If you get a beardie about the same size and both female I don't really see a problem. You might want to have an isolation tank just in case the new beardie had something ( mites, ticks, worms or an infection of some kind). Check your local herp vet for rescues. I see them posted there sometimes.

Good luck finding a friend for Spud. :fingerscr

pug lover
November 14th, 2006, 11:47 AM
that s what i thought but the first visit before the new beardie comes home is to the vet

beardies frequently get worms and parasites from imporper heating :o been there done that

never thought of our local guy will give him a call think he would love to hear that someone wants and older beardie and he knows what spud goes through here remote controlled cars--she loves to drive playing and getting dressed in barbie clothing

thanks will look into it as soon as i get the extra $300 for unexpected vet costs yes i do plan ahead:thumbs up