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What did cat get into??

November 13th, 2006, 05:10 AM
so, earlier this evening my cat, who's been her normal mellow self all day, suddenly attacked my roommate. she then continued to be aggressive towards me and my other roommate, and she would not calm down. we left her alone in my room for 2 hours, still no change, we took her to the vet, he couldn't find any injuries. he thinks she got into something and we should wait till morning and if she's still scary take her in for bloodwork. now, we cannot figure out what on earth she could've gotten into!?! if anyone knows what kinds of household things cause this, craziness, in cats let me know! we're out of ideas! there are no cleaning products or medicines out, cat can't get to anything like that. no chewed wires, no paints, no makeups, we just don't know what she got into and i want to figure it out so it doesn't happen again. if this has happened to any one else help me please! i'm very worried about cat :(

November 13th, 2006, 11:02 AM
what a sad thing to happen. I had a similiar experience happen to me and the outcome was not good. I had a nine year old siamese cat and one day out of the blue he went nuts. I took him to the vet and they could not find anything physically wrong. He went back to normal for about a week and then one day i noticed him stalking me. It was quite scary and then he attacked me, he broke a tooth off in my arm and left three nails in my other arm, the scars run from my wrist to my elbow on both arms. Because i was hospitalized the humane society took my cat for ten day observation, even thought i had all his papers for shots. On the second day they had to put him down because he was crazy. they did and autopsy on him and he had a swelling in his brain. I was so devestated even thought i was hurt pretty bad. they asked if he did any blanket sucking and i said yes, he use to suck on blankets since he was a kitten. I was told that this behavior could have caused the problem in his head. Fibers and other stuff ingested from the blankets could have made him nuts. I did some research on this and found video footage of other cats that went crazy and they all were blanket suckers. i really dont know what to tell you, i feel sad for your situation and hope for the best.

November 13th, 2006, 12:05 PM
well i've had cat since february, she was 10 months when i got her from my uncle's house, but as far as i know she isn't a blanket sucker. we had one rug for about a month that she would chew on or lick the first week we had it, but other than that i haven't seen her showing any interests in the carpet or blankets (unless there's feet under them of course!). but thank you for the information and i will mention it to the vet today so they have another thing to check for if they can't find anything initially.
<3 abby