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Upper respiratory infection

November 12th, 2006, 08:42 AM
Oh dear, it seems Ted my feral cat has an URI of some kind. Probably either rhinovirus or calcivirus as these make up the vast majority of URIs in cats. :sad: His appetite and water intake are good and behaviorally he's normal, he just has the sniffles and runny eyes. Actually, it looks as though he's probably got a secondary bacterial infection in his eyes, poor guy. I called the vet and am waiting for a response. Since it's Sunday and he's not deathly ill I probably won't hear back from them until tomorrow. I also want to check with the vet and make sure all my other cats have been vaccinated against these 2 URIs, I would hate for anyone else in my house to get sick. I think vaccination against these is pretty routine, does anyone know? I take them in for their shots every year but I don't actually pay much attention to what they're being vaccinated against. :o I know this can be passed on to other cats quite easily, but can it be passed on to dogs as well? Poor Ted, I'd love to bring him in the house, but not like this. He's scheduled to be neutered next Monday, I hope this illness won't delay his surgery. Does anyone know what the treatment is for these kinds of infections? I've had many cats in my life but none with URIs so I don't know what to expect.