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Article by Dr. Ian Billinghurst

November 10th, 2006, 03:08 PM
Dr Billinghurst is one of the pioneers of the raw feeding movement, along with Dr Tom Lonsdale. Here is an interesting "Modern Dog Feeding Myths" article written by Dr Billinghurst:

- Our pets' physiology has not changed substantially during domestication. The conclusion we draw from this is that companion animals, not only CAN eat their evolutionary diet; it is their evolutionary diet they actually require, if they are to remain fully healthy.
- Raw meaty bones may and should form the basis of an evolutionary diet for our pets. (They do not have to be fed whole, they can be ground, but that is a whole other story)
- Our pets can and should eat raw foods for maximal health
- It does not require a university education to feed our pets properly, once a few very simple principles are understood, anyone can feed a cat or a dog this way. It does require a higher degree to formulate pet food from inappropriate poor quality food however.
- Commercial pet foods are third or fourth rate diets for our pets and definitely not the best way to feed them.
- The best way to feed any animal is to feed that animal its evolutionary diet
- Each meal does not have to be complete and balanced. However, the whole diet should be complete and balanced and this is very simple to achieve using evolutionary diets. Complete and balanced diets can be achieved over time.

while i don't entirely agree on all his recommendations, he certainly helped bring great health to many cats and dogs on the planet! :thumbs up