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Boston Rat Terrier mix breed...

November 10th, 2006, 12:39 AM
Hello, my second puppy is a boston and rat terrier mix. We got her about a month ago and have noticed a few things about her personality.

1. once her mind/goal is set on something she's relentless...espcially when it comes to playing with a specific toy or playing fetch...she just doesn't get tired of it.

2. she's definitely a jumper...she's already able to jump up three times her height.

3. she's very outgoing and quite brave....dogs bigger than her don't scare her at all. She has never been shy around any strangers either.

What are some things about her breed mix or the boston or the rat I should be wary issues, heath issues...etc...?

November 10th, 2006, 07:41 AM
In general the collective group of terriers are a very intense breed. Intense in the sense that they can be very focused on a task and will be quite persistent in finishing that task (whether it be stalking the stuffed toy in the corner or trying to will items off the counter). When my pups decide that they want to do something, they will get tunnel vision and put all their effort into accomplishing their goal. Most are fantastic jumpers (with some determination a JRT can easily get over a 6' fence).

For the most part they are extremely tough and fearless little dogs; not realizing or not caring that the majority of the dog population outsizes them. From their viewpoint they are 500lb dogs and all should bow before their greatness. :)

Terriers were originally bred for vermin control, whether the vermin be mice, rats, badgers, etc. Given the chance to use its natural instincts, the cute little carry around in a bag, sit on your lap, oh so dainty Yorkie would take delight in removing mice from a farm in a most deadly fashion.

In your case your Boston (which incidently is not a true terrier, but rather a member of the bulldog family) was originally bred down to size from its pit fighting predecessors. They have still retained the tough fearless attitude, though thankfully the dog on dog agression was bred out of them. Your Rat was originally bred to kill rats, which resulted in a very hardy and tough little dog.

Terriers have very good instinctial intelligence but in general can be difficult to train ... training takes time and effort but will be well worth it. With my two, they will come on a recall about 100% of the time so long as there are no distractions, have a butterfly land ten feet away from them and their recall drops to about 25%.