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Cat bleeding out of butt

November 8th, 2006, 11:18 PM
:confused: I took her to the animal doctor. They have her on meds but nothing is helping. It is not much blood but still a bit.

Any ideas? :confused: :confused:

November 8th, 2006, 11:19 PM
I think you need a new vet. :shrug:

November 8th, 2006, 11:22 PM
there are not many near me. The aimal doctor i see is an hour away. others would be more! I was thinking that maybe it was from eating a mouse a few weeks ago. She acts and eats fine but there is a bit of blood very often after litterbox use.

I am sorry but I find this bulletin board very hard to navigate. I apologize if I'm doing something wrong

November 8th, 2006, 11:28 PM
What has your vet done so far?

November 9th, 2006, 12:41 AM
What is the medication?

November 9th, 2006, 02:31 AM
The closest vet to you is an hour away? Where in CA do you live?

pug lover
November 9th, 2006, 04:39 PM
if your cat has been recatally bleeding for past 2 weeks i would be off to the vet again

if the cat has a tear in her intestines form a bone fragment from the mouse this is very serious

this cat needs to be seen by a vet ASAP

November 11th, 2006, 10:13 PM
She was saw by the vet

where going back tomorrow. I would rather not tell you exactly where I am because I don't know everyone yet. Thankyou tho for your opinions. They gave him an xray and nothing showed up.

November 16th, 2006, 09:21 AM
So what did they find? I have a friend whose cat was having bloody diarrhea and it turned out to be a parasite.

November 16th, 2006, 05:03 PM
Please have your cat seen by another vet and open a new thread with the results. Internal injury cannot be diagnosed over the internet.