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Lethargic Puppy

February 25th, 2004, 10:01 PM
Our chihuahua puppy is about one year old and he was just neutered a week or two ago. Supposedly he returned to his normal, hyper behavior shortly afterwards but for the past few days he's been awfully lethargic. He's always either lying down or sitting up with his head bowed down. He used to be constantly giddy and jumped a lot (like a normal chihuahua puppy). My parents took him to the vet today and they found nothing wrong with him.

Do you think this could be a mental issue? Or do you think maybe the vet missed something?

We have 7 other dogs, so I dont know but I'm guessing PERHAPS he could just be responding emotionally to not getting enough attention? Please help! I'm worried. :(


Lucky Rescue
February 25th, 2004, 10:43 PM
Do you think this could be a mental issue?

I doubt this very much. You know your puppy best and know if he is not himself. This kind of lethargy certainly is not normal in any 1 yr old dog.

There is a reaction to the anesthetic, but it should have passed long before now.

Sometimes very small dogs can get hypoglecemic if they don't eat often enough. Is he eating normally?

I really think he needs to go back to the vet.

February 25th, 2004, 10:47 PM
It's just so would think the vet would have noticed something like that! Actually I don't know all of the minor details as I am posting this from College and my puppy is at home with my family. I just got concerned when I heard they took him to the vet and the vet found nothing.

I'll ask my parents tomorrow if there has been any weirdness in eating patterns, but again, I would have thought this would be something the vet would have asked as well and taken into account! :(

February 26th, 2004, 03:11 PM
I talked to my mom and she said he has NOT been eating regularly. I guess she's been trying to feed him baby food and such because he wont' eat much. My friend suggested putting sugar in his water bowl?

Which I guess begs another question--is there something else that is possibly causing him not to want to eat?


February 26th, 2004, 04:23 PM
No, sugar is an awful idea. Dogs do not get energy from any kind of sugars (including those found in carbohydrates.) Enticing a dog who is feeling to lousy to eat really doesn't do anything for the underlying problem, even if he does eat a little of it.

Without knowing what other symptoms & clinical signs he's showing, it's really impossible to tell you what's going on. It could be any one of literally dozens of things. If a dog is hurting, or feeling ill, it often will refuse to eat.

A dog who is not eating and acting depressed is sick and/or hurting, no question about it. He really really needs to go back to the vet....encourage your mom to take him back!

February 26th, 2004, 05:37 PM
Okay...I was just wondering if there was anything obvious that might be the problem. I'm kind of angry that the vet dismissed it as "I don't know" because I feel like maybe he didn't do enough testing.


February 26th, 2004, 05:41 PM
Chi's are notoriously nervous dogs in general.
You say you have *7* other dogs are they large/small breeds
Does this Chi have a private area/crate for its own to use and feel secure in??

If it's not an emotional issue then I would take a good look at whats been going on with the dog the last while.

February 26th, 2004, 05:44 PM
He and his big brother are kept separate. We keep them all in their own areas in smaller groups, as some dont get along with others...

February 26th, 2004, 06:13 PM
Why do you have so many dogs?

February 26th, 2004, 06:19 PM
Um...because my mom gets them. Don't look at me! I love them all to death but she's the one who buys them/takes them in.

February 26th, 2004, 06:21 PM
Oh i'm sorry i missed the large/small breeds question. Other than the 2 chihuahuas, 5 others are miniature dachshunds (only slightly bigger than the chihuahuas) and we also have a dalmation.

February 26th, 2004, 06:30 PM
How long have you had this dog now and maybe it's still sore from the surgery. How's the healing? Have you checked the surgical site?

So for the most part all small except the dalmation

Any 'new' additions?

February 26th, 2004, 06:35 PM
1. We've had Charlie since last May. And he IS the new edition (and according to my mom the last).

2. I would think that the vet would have checked the surgical site when my mom took him there the other day, as this was the same vet who operated on him. I think it's been (almost) 2 weeks. I have not checked myself as I am not home with him right now. I will be in a little over a week though.


February 26th, 2004, 10:36 PM
WOW!! SEVEN dogs, is that legal???!

The most you can have in T.O. is Three (I looked it up, of course! :o )

sounds as tho it might very well be an emotional issue...

change vets, as well. call around and get another opinion.

February 26th, 2004, 10:42 PM
haha, so far it IS legal, but the city limits may stretch to our neighborhood in the near future and that's gonna do something scary to our taxes :eek:

I might suggest taking him to a diff. doctor to my mom. It sounds like a good idea.

February 26th, 2004, 11:02 PM
good luck... plz let us know what happens!

February 27th, 2004, 12:54 AM
Kristen are you also on petfinder?

February 27th, 2004, 12:57 AM
Nope, I'm not.

February 27th, 2004, 10:27 PM
By the time I got ahold of my mom today she'd already made the decision to take him to a different vet. Lo and behold, he has an infection.

They dont know yet how serious it is, but he's staying with the doc tonight. They should know by tomorrow morning.

I'm still very annoyed that the other vet didn't find anything like that, but I'm glad we at least know relatively what is wrong with him. Hopefully it's not too serious.

February 28th, 2004, 06:37 AM
Oh I'm glad at least they found out what's wrong with the little guy! And I hope he gets better soon.

One of my dogs got giardia as a puppy, it scared me to death b/c I thought it might be something awful like parvo. He was lethargic, off his food, & had diarrhea. A quick course of Flagyl cleared it right up within days. Maybe your pupper got something like that but is a bit worse off because he wasn't treated right away.

Lucky Rescue
February 28th, 2004, 08:57 AM
Glad the problem has been found!

This is a good of example of how pet owners know their animals best, and if you think there is something wrong with them, there probably is!

February 29th, 2004, 06:41 PM
Thanks everyone...Charlie came home yesterday and his white blood cell count had gone down. He was still not fully better yet, of course, but he had more energy than previously. Looks like he's on the mend.

Thank goodness! :D


February 29th, 2004, 08:12 PM
Go Charlie go!! :)