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Bill C737 in Canada!!!

November 6th, 2006, 02:43 PM
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Hello Everyone,

Oct 30, 2006 Mark Holland MP from Ajax/Pickering (Liberal) introduced a private members bill in the Federal House regarding the Animal Cruelty Law for Canada. The bill has not been changed and was introduced the same as it was written for Bill C-50. This bill has been tabled several times. It is, in my opinion, time to get this bill passed so there is an updated recourse for committing offences of cruelty to animals. The law we have now has not been amended for a very long time. Therefore offenders are getting away scott free in many cases for despicable treatment of animals.

These are my opinions, and if you share these opinions I urge you to email or meet with your Federal MP and urge them to vote for Bill C-373 to get it passed. The more pressure put on MP's they will realize the importance of this bill and the concern for updating the cruelties law! I urge you to read the bill and inform yourself involving all areas of introduction of new or amendments of laws to ensure you are supporting something you agree with.

You can download a copy of the bill from this location, or I have attached a pdf copy of the bill:

I contacted Mark Holland via email this week to ensure the bill has not been changed since C-50. If you would like to contact him, or read more about his introduction of the bill you may do so at:

To find your MP and contact information in your riding go to:

Thank you

November 6th, 2006, 08:37 PM
Thanks for putting this all together ~ makes lif a lot easier! I will copy and paste the relevant bits of your posting and send it out to my little "network" of dogfolks and hope that others here will do the same thing. Great news :pawprint: !