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Need suggestions

February 25th, 2004, 01:05 PM
Hello everyone. I need suggestions for a fundraiser.

In our local newspaper I read this today.

Non-profit groups still have time to register for the Laurel Mall's Community Carnival to be held March 20 and 21 during mall hours. The deadline is Friday (yes this friday the 27th)and the event is open to all non-profit groups who would like to host a fund-raiser in a bazarr-type atmosphere at the Laurel Mall.

Organizations that may participate include schools, churches, charitable, civic and community groups,. Groupsmay sell various types of items, including homemade foods and baked goods, raffle tickets, games of chance, crafts and/or other items that meet with the mail office's approval. Informational literature may also be given away.

Participants will receieve a 10by 10 foot space , free of charge, however, to provide a consistent image, all groups must utilize tabels and table covers. eAch and all groups must also provide a certificte of insurance.

This is my first fundraiser as the money I make fromthis I will put to DDB for my area. I need suggestions as to what would be a good seller. Remember I only found out today and I need to have my app in by this friday.

Lucky Rescue
February 25th, 2004, 02:14 PM
Our annual Pet Fair is coming up, and around here baked goods are always a great seller.

If you could assemble a nice gift basket (may full of pet related items) and raffle it off that may work too. We're doing that as well.:)

February 26th, 2004, 06:09 PM
Great idea LR!!

People LOVE LOVE LOVE gift certificates so you can sell tickets to win gift certificates.

Ask companies to donate items to you for auction.
Have a silent auction and tell the companies you will post their advertisements when you hold the fundraiser (to promote business for them)

February 26th, 2004, 06:16 PM
Thanks, you guys are great!!:D

I have friends that said they can help me make dog treats.

Now the only problem I have is seeing if they'll (the mall) will let me do it. Apparently we don't have insurance. So the founder's asst. told me to see if they'll accept our 501c3 as proof that we are a non-profit organization.

I hope the mall will allow it. I'll have alot of people to help me out and try to educate the public (I'd like to also have things about the "muscle breed" ie. pitties).

I had my hopes up and got excited when I read that, and now I find out I might now be able to even participate in it.:(

I'll keep you updated. The deadline is tomorrow, I should have my application in the mail by tomorrow, then I'll go to the mall and hand it in and bring my 501c3 w/me.