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Sue Sternberg's "Breed to Kill- Kill the Breed Campaign

February 25th, 2004, 11:00 AM
For all of you who know this pathetic woman (and for all of you who don't know her). Here is another sickening site about what she's trying to do to these poor dogs that are in shelters.

Here's the link, it's to long for me to post it here and I don't want to cut any of it out.

I didnít write this just to clarify but thought I would pass it on! (Sue Sternberg's "Breed to Kill - Kill the Breed Campaign)

Something needs to be done about this so called woman.

February 25th, 2004, 11:06 AM
Can you post it again daisy.:D

February 25th, 2004, 11:14 AM
Of course :D

Animal behaviorist Sue Sternberg brings her expertise to Big Tail Waggin' in Red Bank

In an article published in the Asbury Park Press (2/23/04 by Tammy McKillip),

"Good Dog, Bad Dog" in what can only be described as a repetitive campaign espousing her own "junk science" views on canine behavior Sternberg is quoted as stating -"So many people think that all puppies start out as clean slates, and that, if you socialize them and raise them well, they'll turn out to be little Lassies, and that's just not true. There are a lot of genetics involved. You can only socialize and train and enhance and work with what the dog was born with," she says.

"There are many puppies that are so great, temperamentally, that you can't ruin them. You could stick them out on a chain for 10 years, and after 10 years, they come to the shelter, and they're still wonderful dogs waiting to move into a home and live with somebody, despite the fact that they've known nothing but a chain."

"And then, there are some puppies that have been raised and trained and socialized by the most loving people, and they end up becoming very aggressive dogs, through no fault of their owners."

"Most puppies fall within the medium. Even if you didn't do much in the way of training and socialization, they'd end up decent dogs, Sternberg says. "But there are puppies at either extreme, and it's important to learn to recognize the signs of potential problem puppies, which is what I'll be discussing during the first half of the lecture."
***************end of quote**************
To read the entire article please click on the following link.
<A HREF=",21625,911569,00.html">,21625,911569,00.html</A>

While the article itself provides little basis for fact on any of the
analogy's used by Sternberg the writer is correct about one thing - Sue Sternberg IS NO Dr. Dolittle. Fact is with her increased propensity to kill shelter dogs who fail her poorly designed Assess A Pet temperament test one might characterize Sternberg more accurately as the Canine Dr. of Death in the sheltering world.

Many of us who have the privilege of sharing our lives with dogs and those of us involved in rescue would disagree with Sternberg's theory on the behavioral traits of a dog forced to live ten years on a chain. Most of us would consider, rightfully so, that forcing a dog to live on a chain is simply animal neglect and abuse. In fact many of us very well that it is exactly THESE dogs
who have encountered nothing but neglect and abuse in their lives who would have little hope of understanding what was expected of them in order to pass a shelter temperament test as Sternberg has campaigned so aggressively for.

How a self-proclaimed expert in canine behavior can make such a ridiculous claim only points to how clearly out of the mainstream Sternberg has drifted.Clearly, there are NO scientific studies that have been conducted to support Sternberg's claim that two puppies raised from the same litter - one who was taught and trained in a trusting environment while being raised as a family pet as opposed to a dog from the same litter who struggled through a life of neglect and often times abuse would in any way come out with EQUAL temperament and behavioral skills.

Now, Sternberg is going to suggest she has developed a technique to discover this same "look" in puppies under the age of twelve weeks of age? My guess is she has grown tired of simply killing innocent three year old dogs and wants to expand her murderous ways to include puppies too. All part of her "Breed to Kill - Kill the Breed" campaign to eradicate many of the dogs that don't fit her profile of the perfect family pet.

Obviously, Sternberg is not satisfied with temperament testing and killing countless adult shelter dogs so now what, expand that killing campaign to include twelve week old puppies who she "knows" will grow up to be aggressive?Those of us who visit shelters looking to save and rescue have come to understand that most dogs who enter the sheltering world do so carrying the baggage of lacking adequate support mechanisms including a lack of training, lack of a formed human bond and trust issues. Sadly, issues of neglect and abuse are ever so common with dogs given up as the disposable commodities in our society.

Surely these shelter dogs that we RESCUE do not fit the profile that Sternberg "sees" as "bad dogs" who fail her Assess A Pet temperament test and need to be "euthanized". All part of her "Kill The Breed" campaign. The sad reality is that Sternberg completely misses the mark that it is more often the temperament of the dog's previous owner who has shaped the behavior snapshot a dog displays while in a shelter. Many dogs who are merely victims of being handed the fate of ending up with an irresponsible dog owner face further abuse in shelter systems who are becoming ever so intolerant of anything but model behavior while these dogs are being locked up in stressful shelter environments.

Groups like HSUS and the ASPCA have joined in with the campaign to label huge numbers of dogs in shelters as "bad dogs" when in fact most of these dogs simply need guidance and training that would and does turn them into great adoptable family pets.Should we KILL all dogs who are being victimized by negligent or abusive dog owners? If we listen to what Sue Sternberg teaches the answer would be an astounding yes. But what is becoming an increasing opposing view in the shelter/rescue community, many of the large "humane" nonprofit's have endorsed Sternberg's philosophy by campaigning to have all shelters develop and implement temperament testing in our shelters.

What large nonprofit groups like HSUS and the ASPCA don't clearly explain or seem to understand is that MOST typical shelters fail to provide adequate staffing or resources where the use of temperament testing would become anything more than a selection process on what dogs to kill to balance the shelters
available resources rather than truly report on a dogs true behavioral traits and potential to be rehomed into the community.

Instead of devoting resources towards discovering ways to increase community involvement in adoptions and rescue instead shelters are espousing the dumbing down of shelter dogs. The campaign is on to develop the "model" shelter dog that ANY family can adopt that will be safe even with their two year old
hanging around the dog feeding area. So much for responsible dog ownership - who needs that when you can make sure that all your dogs are idiot proof?

Groups like HSUS and the ASPCA have entirely lost focus on the issues of responsible pet ownership and equally of responsible rescue and rehoming policies that including rigid application and home approval criteria which match up the RIGHT dog to the RIGHT family.For the large nonprofit domains (with hundreds of MILLIONS of OUR donations stashed away in equity investments) to choose the use of temperament testing in shelters which have shown up to an 80% failure rate is irresponsible. Those of us involved in the rescue community and those who cherish their own family pets should themselves from future donations that are used to promote the killing of shelter dogs rather than looking at humane alternatives. We believe that shelter dogs TOO deserve the protection of being provided with humane care
and an opportunity to be rehomed into the community.

Many who have viewed the recent showing of Shelter Dogs are outraged at the use of a temperament test performed by Sternberg on a three year old cocker named Beau. Clearly, the consensus in the rescue community is that Beau simply
needed to be placed with a rescue group where he would have been highly adoptable into the right home. Instead, Sternberg taunted and provoked this small dog into negative behavior which was used as an excuse to murder poor Beau. Most of her decision process that identified Beau as a "BAD dog" was in her
mental process that identified the "look" that she wants all of us to believe was actually there.

We in the rescue community need to make sure OUR voices are clearly heard, especially with the large political groups who support Sternberg and encourage her murderous campaigns. Please boycott those groups who advocate the killing of innocent shelter dogs - like Beau. The senseless killing of thousands of
shelter dogs should NEVER be part of the solution to the animal overpopulation issues on our community.

Killing ONE more confused, agitated dog because of a ridiculous temperament test doesn't make a hill of beans difference to our country's animal overpopulation crisis but it makes a BIG difference to the dog being killed because of ignorance.

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February 25th, 2004, 12:37 PM
For some reason that link doesn't work.

As soon as I find out why i'll let ya know. I just post the whole thing I thought it would be easier.

February 25th, 2004, 12:50 PM
OK,now that my eyes are focused.I was getting a bit dizzy there scrolling and going back and forth.LOL

All I can say is,what a B***H.

OMG....I have heard of here from people.But now that I read this,what a B***H


February 25th, 2004, 12:54 PM
I seriously feel and think that she needs to be stopped. At the rate she's going we won't have dogs (of any breed) left they'll be extinct (like the dinosaurs).:mad: