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urethrostomy questions in dog from newbie

November 4th, 2006, 02:29 PM
I am new to this site and am going to post two posts about my dog...

He is recovering from very serious complications from what we now know was a completely unnecessary urethrostomy :(

He has spent 10 days at a specialty clinic and we are at this point trying to figure out what to call the complications we observed (the clinical terms).

We are caught between our initial vet, who we will definitely NOT go back to, and this new vet, who is a referral clinic, and so is somewhat hesitant to just come right out and tell us what mistakes were made.

I have spent countless hours trying to find a website that shows pictures of surgery complications/mistakes/infections/etc...and can't find any. I'm sure they must exist somewhere.

Can anyone direct me????

My second post will follow about the specific infections and parasites and how to keep him from re-infecting himself/cleaning our home/yard :(

As far as the actual surgery, we are VERY lucky, in that we insisted on taking him from the first vet to someone else or he would have died.

He has a ways to go, but he has gone from being in so much pain, a real DEVIL DOG, to his sweet cuddly, loving, self again.

He has been home for a week and we are just treasuring every minute :)

We are sad and sometimes mad to realize that we will have to be guarded for the rest of his life for infections and strictures since he never had a UTI or stone ever in his life, but our primary focus is just loving him!!!!

thanks so much