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Bella Dogged by fame (celebrity Bella)

November 3rd, 2006, 12:30 AM
Bella Dogged By Fame.
Jeremy Pierce
Gold Coast Bulletin

‘Dangerous’ pet finds celebrity status in WA.
A Dog banished form Logan and sent across the Nullarbor Plain after being identified as a dangerous breed has become a celebrity role model in Western Australia.
Bella, whose owners say she is a staffy– ridgeback cross who wouldn’t hurt a fly, was deemed a pit bull by Logan City Council’s dog inspectors and banned last year.

Under council bylaws, dogs identified as dangerous can be banned or put down, regardless of whether they have ever been involved in an incident. Bella’s former owners; Kingston’s Maroske family; have been heartened by news the three year old dog has become a local star in her home town Kalgoorlie .

Logan Council is pursuing the Maroske family to recoup some of the massive legal fees from the court case. Ivy Bilos, who runs a dog kennel and safety seminars in Kalgoorlie, has been Bella’s “step mum” since last August and said the situation was a joke.

“The Inspectors from Logan Council do this 22- point identification check and said Bella is a pit bull, but she isn’t even a pit bull’s bum, “she said yesterday”. I use her with kids for dog safety sessions and she has made several television appearances to show just how ridiculous the dog laws are over there.

“The kids love Bella and she is going great, considering she spent 16 months locked in the Logan City Pound, but it is an absolute joke that she was ripped from her family in QLD in the first place. She said Bella passed WA’s own restricted dog laws and had even passed a psychological examination by WA government dog experts.

“She passed the test with flying colors only weeks after being released from her prison at Logan,” she said. “She is my kid’s best mate and friend to all she meets.” Christine Maroske said her son Alan was devastated at losing Bella but the family would not try to bring their old pet back, even if they were allowed. “She is having a great time over there and the family has grown pretty attached to her,” she said.

Alan Maroske now has another dog, a Rhodesian ridgeback called Rusty. However, Mrs Maroske is still angry at the council for hounding them for a legal bill that they say stems form the council’s poor identification system. Logan City Council has come under fire over its handling of a series of dangerous dog court cases, which have cost ratepayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Critics of dangerous dog laws are even preparing to front the Crime and Misconduct Commission, claiming Animal Control Officers are abusing their power by serving destruction orders on dogs deemed to fit the ‘dangerous breed’ profile. Logan Council has just spent $1000, 000 on another court case involving a dog with mistaken identity.

The 22 Point check list ruled the animal was a pit bull. It took DNA from the dog’s mother to prove otherwise. Logan Councilor Phil Pidgeon, the council’s voice on dangerous dogs, could not be contacted yesterday, but the council stood by its tough stance on dangerous dogs.

November 3rd, 2006, 05:19 PM
Great Story! Thanks again for the info Christina! Looks like that ban is getting ALOT of bad press now thanks to people like you!:highfive: