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4 kids

November 2nd, 2006, 10:44 PM
Hi. I have four babies. Mom and her kids. I feed them Nutrience Holisitc because I have tried almost every other food including Eagle Brand Holistic and only the mom likes it at all. She still prefers Nutrience Holistic. They are rather fussy because they snack on human food all the time. Like Cheese and meat.

The mom, Luckster, we call her, takes seizures. Not as often as she used to and my female that I had before Luckster, used to take them too. Has nothing to do with the dog food. Lady didnt eat Nutrience. I have found that feeding her a home made tea biscuit beofre bed time has cut down dramatically on the seizures. I dont know if it is the baking powder or what. Our vet cannot understand why. At one point (before tea biscuit time) she was having 2 or 3 a day. Now it is anywhere from 6 - 10 weeks in between and getting longer all the time. The vet said that the pups would have them too, but they never have. I feed them tea biscuits too. I just think that if it works for someone else too that would be great, because the medication can cause kidney or liver problems I hear. My vet said that he has never had a dog die from seizures but it is an awful thing to see. I just thought maybe someonelses dog has them and it make work for their dog too.