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Fear resulting in Submissive Urination

October 31st, 2006, 04:33 PM
I know there are 100's of submissive urinations boards on here.
Sorry for adding another.

My puppy 7 months old, in the past month has developed
submissive urination but she ONLY does this when she feels threatened.

Now please understand, we DO NOT threaten her, but being a small dog (papillon) I could see how a big man reaching down over her could be seen as threatning.

Also if I pick her up to put her in her crate.

Really she only does it when my husband tries to get her, like if he is trying to make her leave the room (if she jumps on the bed in the morning)
Or if she won't "go crate" before he leaves for work and he tries to pick her up to put her in.

If she know I am going to crate her and I pik hger up she will go...

I don't get it, and every website that talks about submissive urination talks about excitement.
She NEVER pee's when I come home and she is thrilled, she never pee's when people come over, only when she has to go crate or when hubby will touch her.

What is going on...

can anyone give advice????

She is from a pet shop, and I am looking into her puppymills public records :(

So being that she is a pet shop puppy I know that can play a role in this, but we have had her since she was 3 months old and she JUST started this a month ago... We've been to the vet and everything.

October 31st, 2006, 07:17 PM
I think it's the way you are approaching. It sounds like every time she pees, you or your man are already pretty frustrated with her.

When you pick her up to put her in her crate, how do you do it? Do you hunch over and pick her up from above or do you squat?

It's the angry body language or tone of voice, IMO, that's upsetting her.

November 1st, 2006, 09:39 AM
If it is just your husband then you dog needs to learn to trust him. Do not let your husband approach or pick up the dog. Have your husband sit on the floor with his back to the dog holding something yummy and smelly (fish maybe). Just let the dog approach your husband and when it does have your husband give the dog a treat very slowly and with loving words. It may take a few weeks, but eventually the dog will see your husband means no harm and in fact is the source of things yummy and smelly lol. My husband had to go through that with our last foster Teddy who was extremely submissive and peed everywhere.

November 1st, 2006, 06:27 PM
Fear and submissive behaviour is 2 totally seperate things, the problem here is interpretation of dog speak. submission urination is a way of showing deep respect, much like in the human world where you would be expected to bow or curtsy as a show of respect if approached by a king or queen in a very formal setting, but if you were friendship in a less formal setteing and playing a game of tennis with them there would be no need to bow and curtsy each time they approached you.

Sumissive urination is a symbol of respect just like the bow and curtsy is

So certain behaviours or body language from humans humans or dogs are signals that indicate to the dog that deep respect should be shown

They will the behave the same to both human and dog who towers and leans over them and whose voices are a low deep rumble, who make direct eye contact, will walk head on to them those are body languages of an upper ranking alpha dog or person.

By modifying body language of the human such as squatting with back kept vertical so as not to lean over, walking in a curve toward the dog so you approach the shoulder of the dog rather than head on, touching the dog to pet under the chin rather than go over their head, looking off to side rather than directly in their eyes are body languages of a person or dog of lower rank, is a way reducing formality and therefore does not demand the same high respect to be shown.

You can also increase the dog's status to give them more self worth and coinfidence much like a king or queen knighting a peasant which would mean they would not to bow and curtsy to every lord and lady because they are now in a more prominant position.
With very submissive dogs(only) to increase their self worth /image it can be done thru games in which the alpha allows them to win more often than not, example playing tug or war and allows them to view themselves as a higher ranking member, and therefore would feel less need to prostrate and pee toward fewer individuals who approach them