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Happy animal stories PLEASE!

October 28th, 2006, 02:21 AM
In light of recent cast downers, I would like to start this Happy Animal Story thread, cuz we all need our spirits lifted, and hear some happy tails! Unfortunately there are alot of terrible animals stories lately that I feel need to be addressed as well, but this Thread is strictly, Happy, sprit uplifting, stories of animal love in your lives! These are extremely important as well, and I agree w/ those who requested this thread, we need more happy animal stories, too bad they all weren't! K everyone....go ahead...SHARE THE LOVE!:grouphug:

October 28th, 2006, 03:02 AM
Freejack was (is? hopefully) a beautiful, collie X that a former tenant left behind at a farm a room-mate and I rented. I'm not kidding you guys, he babysat everyone that came on the farm! If a kid was around he instincitively protected them by blocking routes to cows, bonfires, you name it, wouldn't let them near it, he was the smartest dog I've ever seen, and just loved to be loved, wanted nothing in return for his continuos good deeds! He was amazing! Little did I know he would also babysit my 46 yr old male roomate and possibly save his life, not once but twice! Once, the idiot drove home from visiting a neighbours farm, after a few too many! Apparently Freejack would not let him in the house and kept pulling him by the pantleg back to the truck, roomie had enough of the tussle, so decides he's going to sleep in truck for awhile...well Freejack charged though the screen door, this is when I woke up, almost pulls me outside.and there I see roomie, passed out in a truck on fire! Apparently he got some grass (probably from ditch, stuck above muffler, under gass tank) And there was quite a spread of flames! Freejack mostly, (but I helped too), pull his butt out, grabbed the garden hose put the flames out. Freejack could have possibly saved his life that nite! I told Freejack he shoulda let him! Another time farmhouse was going to be robbed, I wasn't home, only roomie, but guys had guns and everything! And Freejack snuck up on them, attacked, one dropped a gun, and they hightailed it outta there! I came home about 20 mins later and roomie was still laughing about his attack Collie! Never would have thought he'd do something like that! Apparently he went right for the hands and legs, and it was evident at entrance someone got hurt! A guy showed up at ER for dog bite stitches, prints matched gun later, and he went to jail! He did alot of complaining in court about injury due to bite, I barely stopped from laughing out loud! There that better? I got more, but not tonite! OMG it's 2 AM time passes when you're having fun!:highfive:

October 28th, 2006, 03:41 AM
If you want some happy pics! Check out Halloween Pics Thread in Pics Forum Way too cute!

October 28th, 2006, 11:25 PM
When I was little, like 6-10? and was scared, I used to go out to the pasture, sometimes it would be the middle of the night, my horse friends were there and it was like they totally knew why I was there and welcomed me in to their circle of protection. They would hear me coming and all would gather around the fence and wait. They'd whinny softly as I approached, stretch out their necks, and kiss my face gently w/ nibbly, soft lips. We'd walk awhile in a small group huddled together, they circled and protected me and took great pride in their role and knew exactly what they were doing. They would coax me along and gently push me w/ their heads if I was too scared or upset too walk, they coaxed and soothed and comforted me until I began to feel better, then they'd perk up abit as they'd sense my lift in spirit and tease me until they could persuade me over to a fence or log for easy mount, sometimes they would bow down for me to get on even if they decided it too far away! Then they'd look at me w/ pleading eyes until I'd get on, they always sucked me in eventually..with no saddle, bridle, or halter I'd ride through the darkness as my horse guardian lifted my spirits w/ a ride, they seemed to set the pace, knowing exactly what my mood needed, we'd usually start slow, as we crept through the darkness, through trails, in many trees and long pastures, then as I began to cheer they'd begin a slow lope along the rolling hills in the meadow, what a peaceful, serene feeling and untimate connection w/ an animal, undescribable. All I sense is the horses warm, steamy breath, the feeling of the strong muscles moving under me, completely under my control and I under theirs, like the perfect matching of souls, yet the horse would totally go in whatever direction I asked, w/ a word, or slight tense of leg, but I chose to leave the journey up to them as they seemed to sense exactly what I needed. If I was angry they'd run me, had some scary bareback races, but so smoothly we rode together we sensed each other's next move and was never a problem, and ya, they helped me forget about many a problem fast w/a brisk lesson like that, almost as if forcing it out of you, they always knew exactly what I needed, and I them by looking in their eyes, they have very individual personalities and it was like they mentally determined first which horse I needed to ride by quickly measuring my mood. I always went w/ their opinion, and they were never wrong. They guided and protected me through many fears and strengthened my spirit through many hard nights, always at the end, after I was happy again, they'd finally stop walking, I'd get off, give all of my night warriors a good pat down and thanx. They'd get some water, then they'd stretch out and fight over who was cuddling me! I would lie back on their neck, they'd curl up their legs, and rest their head on my legs and I'd caress that big head and look into those loving comforting eyes until I drifted off in a nightmare free safe sleep. They were my dream warriors and guardians. There was sometimes a dog or two along for these journeys, thank you my friends for always comforting and protecting me, esp on long dark journey's.

October 28th, 2006, 11:43 PM
One place I lived for a couple years was by a small lake community, approx 50 cabins, 24 campsites. My roomate had a rescued RottieX, he looked like a big Rottie. He was a huge, friendly, teddy bear that eventually became the lake dog. This dog started by escaping a few times only to save people in trouble, pulled a kid out of the lake once, another guy once, pulled a drunk out of the lake for me once, I was busy getting the other one out but Bear heard, and he got help along the way! He was friends and friendly w/ every dog and person there, he proved his worth many a time over and was absolutely loyal to everyone. The elderly neighbours in the back were almost robbed once, Bear put an end to that and scared them away! All of the lake community requested that Bear become the Lake dog. HIs job was to roam freely around, patrolling the neighbourhood, stayed away from strange, camping dogs, just roamed freely everywhere, saying Hi to all his dog and cat and kid friends, mooching treats at store. He was the Ultimate Rescued Rottie and Best Lake Dog! He had a great life!

October 28th, 2006, 11:55 PM
SHeba was a Husky X who always knew before I did when people were dangerous. She KNEW people, I rescued her, but she rescued me many more times. Once a Vaccuum salesman came by, he said, he wanted in, but for some reason there was no way she was letting him near, I almost got mad, but figured it was because my boyfriend was not home, so said, you're gonna have to come back later, he got angry and left, this same guy, apparently went down the street and hurt someone at a different house, too bad, they did catch him though. Another time she let me know about a peeper hiding in the bushes, I didn't catch him that night, days later, we were walking down St, she literally, broke collar, jumped the guy, didn't hurt him, just stood on him as he cried about how sorry he was for trying to peep! Another time she saved me from being seriously injured from someone by shielding blows, she rescued me many times.

Amy's Mom
October 29th, 2006, 11:13 AM
Amy is very protective of my partner and myself. When my partner takes her out for a walk in the evenings or just before bed she will bark and bark at everyone walking by unless she knows them. One night I heard her barking like crazy. We live at the back of the building and Amy and partner were in the front of the building and down the block. I went rushing out to see what was going on and there she was standing between Val and a big racoon.
She also let me know that there were some young men coming up behind me that were acting weird. I was holding her and talking with another lady and she went balistic. It turns out they were drunk and were goofing around.

All in all, I think she is repaying us for rescuing her.:angel:

Angies Man
October 30th, 2006, 10:49 PM
I met a lady today, really pretty mid 60's, at the locally owned pet supermarket today. She was in getting a chew toy for her 'new' dog that she had just adopted a few weeks back. I talked her into getting a Nylabone.

I walked her to her car (a Toyota mini motorhome) and she told me her "new" dog's story. The dog, a spayed something or other (looked to be a black & white corgi mix, but who knows?), was a neighbor's dog belived to be about 12 years old. She dug under the fence and would come over to spend the day with this lady. A lovely sweet little dog--in the afternoon when the dog's people would come home, the lady would take her back to her home.

This went on for several weeks, the lady was feeding her, and the dog was showing a marked improvement in coat and skin condition, and health in general. So finally, the neighbor gave the lady the dog to keep.

So as we walked out, we got to my car first and I introduced Angie--who was more interested in what I had in the bag from the pet store. Then we walked over an I met the "new" dog. A real sweet girl--with only one eye. It was obvious that they were totally bonded--a case where the dog made an effort to adopt a human.