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October 27th, 2006, 12:51 PM
Hello everybody!

My name is Maia, mom to "Lord" Sacha; I live in Montreal, Canada, with my human family and our furry brother, Sasha, a pale orange tabby feline that entered our family around three weeks ago. Though we usually call him "Sacha", his real name is "Lord" Sacha - it fits him much better!

Sasha is the third cat of my life; Before him, we owned Cousin and Chou, another orange tabby, and a grey tabby. Cousin was a very sweet boy that my parents tamed in Toronto, ON, and he was always gentle with all of us; as for Chou, she was just his contrary. My parents adopted her out of pity from a lady who had abused her, and the poor cat's character was ruined forever; she never became nice and kept clawing everything & everyone. Both she and Cousin passed away about five years ago, and we did not own any cat since recently; that was when we decided to foster three sibling kittens - Cesar, Cleo, and Meenah. All three were very friendly & cuddly, and got adopted two weeks later. On that same day, we decided to foster another cat - and that one was Sacha, an eight-month-old boisterous tom. He was rather aggressive & bit us often, and simply LOVED attacking us whenever he had the chance. Well, he was still very sweet, but I couldn't, I just could NOT love him at the beginning; the thing is, my parents wanted to adopt him! But we decided to let him go outside before putting him up for adoption - and that did the trick. Since then, Sacha is the sweetest critter you've ever met, although he still bites us and sometimes attacks me - but now we've made it a game, and I don't mind it anymore. So - that's how Sacha entered our lives, and we pray that he won't leave it too soon!

He is the only pet we have right now - although we did get some fish in January; sadly, they were just so much work, and took lots of time, so we had to give them away to a good home. Fortunately, my friend's partner adopted my tetras - the ones I liked best, needless to say - and the goldfish will soon be living with an animal-loving family who has an empty 77-gallon tank in which they'll lead a wonderful life.

I am glad to have joined this message board and look forward to reading the posts!



October 27th, 2006, 01:24 PM
Hi and Welcome anima3, I saw your other post with the pics - very cute furkid and fosters, doesn't it make you feel the best when you've helped all that you can and then it's time for them to move onto their forever family:thumbs up I will not harp or hound you about letting Sacha outside just be aware of the dangers, he is a very handsome boy. Look forward to chatting again sometime soon, I'm sure you will become addicted to the forum as the rest of us are, there are many wonderful/helpful members with tons of information and tips on different topics, you just need to ask away:pawprint:

October 27th, 2006, 04:25 PM to!

I'm going to go searching for the post with the pictures :D