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October 26th, 2006, 05:44 PM
Hello my name is Amanda and I am working on my senior project. My senior project: to pick a career you want to persue ( in my case t's to become a vet) and then create a product to make things better. So here's my problem I don't have any idea on what needs improvement or needs to be created. If soemone who's a vet can answer what reasons they feel should be improved or created it would be a big help! And explain the current faults of that product as of now and how producing something new or improving it will change it and what to change to make the product better. Please notify me

October 26th, 2006, 05:58 PM
So......... basically do your homework for you? lol

Create affordable xray machines that do not require sedation in order to get spinal, hip xrays. Now a dog has to be sedated to look at the spine without movement or the hips have to be dislocated under anesthetic to get a clear ball joint picture. It would be so much better if they had some type of MRI style device where the dog or cat was in it's kennel comfortably snoozing and the MRI was done without the dog ever really knowing what happened.

October 26th, 2006, 06:07 PM
although vets do come here they don't come often....if your on a time limit then you might want to start looking around while you wait for a response......good luck.

:rolleyes: pet nutrition needs some help(dog food and cat food)

October 26th, 2006, 06:39 PM
Yeah, it is sort of doing your homework for you... If you really wanted to be a vet, you'd be asking them directly and taking this opportunity to shadow them. :shrug: Vet school is hard to get into, so you better start getting involved as soon as you can. The more vet helping you do now, the better you'll look to the admissions folk later.

That said, I think the "needed" things start in school. I think vets need a helluva lot more training in nutrition (NOT sponsored by dog food companies) and even holistic medicine. I also think they need more courses on animal psychology (new school, not old school).

October 27th, 2006, 08:13 PM
Bene nota: I'm not a Vet, I just play one on T.V.:D

A lower cost table with a foot-pedal operated pneumatic lift to make it easy to get larger animals on the examining table.

A lower cost portable hoyer lift that fold-away for use in clinic examination rooms rather than just surgeries.

A lower cost stairlifter for those clinics that are on multiple levels (ie. mine is on three).

I suggest that you make a point of speaking with the Vet Techs and Assistants since like nurses they do the bulk of the heaving and ho'ing and can likely give you some great ideas about what would make life easier for the animals and their caregivers while in clinic or surgery. Good luck !

Angies Man
October 27th, 2006, 08:36 PM
heaving and ho'ing

I can see a little heaving once in a while.

But any vet's assistant that's "ho-ing" should be fired and reported to the vice squad.

October 27th, 2006, 08:39 PM
Aaaaaaggghh... dare's gotta be a comeedjian in avery crowd.:D

October 28th, 2006, 07:45 AM
hahaha Angie's man, nice one. Thanks for the laugh this morning (hard to do before I have my Tim's!)

Angies Man
October 28th, 2006, 11:22 AM
Seriously, tho, I'm really pretty happy with my Vet (tho I am continuously shocked at what good vet care costs!) Part of it is, I admit, that the lady vets are pretty cute! But having the vet get down and sit on the floor to examine Angie was really pretty impressive!

I'd like my vet to have more small animal nutrition training. With a lot more emphasis on providing nutrition that helps to avoid lifetime health problems--a more holistic approach to diet. I suspect, tho can't easily prove, that commercial dog food, besides being nutritionally terrible stuff, causes or contributes to health problems such a bloat, joint disorders, and cardio-vascular deterioration. In my heart, I think that the life expectance of dogs, particularly the giants like Danes, Mastiffs, and Rotties, could be extended with superior nutrition and gentle, but persistant exercise. I suspect, tho can't easily prove, that 12 to 14 year old healthy Great Danes (for instance) are possible Yet Vets continue to push crap like Science Diet--a disgusting pet food.

THere is a certification process for Holistic Vets. I'd like to see a board cert. for Vets with pet behavioral specialization--essentially a Vet Psychiatrist/Psychologist. This would have to include a strong emphasis in human behavoir--a lot of pet behavioral problems are a symptom of their human companions misbehavior.

I would like to see a rethinking of the accepted Vaccination schedule. For those of us with even a little background in non-veterinary biology & health, the vaccination schedule just doesn't make any sense at all.

Hope this helps, Amanda.