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Timberwolf in Mississauga

October 26th, 2006, 12:52 AM
Ok, Ive been lurking here for a while and also had some issues registering(Thanks Marko!).
So, Ive been reading on which food I would like my Lab to try and basically decided that TO was a good product. However it is hard to come by(I know the beaches place sells it).

I just happen to pop into Ryans Pet Foods in Mississauga. They just brought in the Timberwolf products. Small bags only right now, just to see how they will sell. I thought it was pretty cool that I just stumbled across it and thought some of you would like to know.

They also had a pretty good assortment of other foods. No I dont work there nor am I affiliated with them in anyway. Just thought I would pass that on to folks in the west end of the GTA who dont want to go down to the beaches.

October 26th, 2006, 01:02 AM
That's great news Euphoric, thanks for letting us know! I'm really pleased with the Timberwolf we've tried so far and hope your pup takes to it as well as mine have.

October 26th, 2006, 10:42 AM
Where in Mississauga is this? Is this the store on Lakeshore, west of Mississauga Rd? :thumbs up

October 26th, 2006, 11:44 PM
3-986 Burnhamthrope rd. west of mavis. :crazy: