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Jack Russell Puppy REALLY SICK

February 22nd, 2004, 10:25 AM
Our 5-month old puppy has been extermely sick over the past month or so. She's had a number of symptoms including drooling, pacing, weight loss, lack of eating/drinking, blood in stool, loss of balance, etc. We've gone to the vet a number of times and some of the symptoms have cleared, such as blood in stool. After being hospitalized for 2 days and receiving intravenous antibiotics and fluids, she bounced back and acted like a normal JR puppy again, barking, running around, playing. For the past week, she been back to drooling, not eating regularly, losing weight, and pacing. The vet's diagnosed her with a bacteria infection and prescribed Sulcrate, Famotidine, and Clavamox thinking she may have stomache ulcers (on for 4 days now.) The only time we've seen her improve (temporarily) is when we gave her a small dose of Gravol. It seems like she's on the verge of dying and the vet's run out of suggestions other than invasive methods to determine what the problem may be. I've never seen a puppy, especially a JR, be so dis-interested in playing and act in this way. PLEASE HELP! Thanks.