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Ellie Mae

October 21st, 2006, 10:32 AM
My choclate lab was very sick as a puppy. The Vet diagnosed her with parvo, even though no bloodwork was done. I thought she would die for weeks. She is very much better now, except for her eyes. They are milky blue, and she can't see. You would'nt know that to watch her, she gets around so well and she is so happy. Still, I can't help but wonder. Can anything be done to restore her eyesight? Is it possible that she actually had canine hepatitus? Thats the only thing I've read about that causes blue eye. Ellie Mae and I would appreciate your insight. Thanks!

October 21st, 2006, 01:48 PM
I think you should take Ellie Mae back to the vet. It sounds like Keratitis which is a serious condition that can lead to blindness. Only a vet would be able to diagnose. Good luck and please post with an update. :fingerscr