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Hot on the trail of my pet shop puppy

October 20th, 2006, 03:53 PM

I am very excited to say, I am hot on the trail of my pet shop puppy.

Ashamed to say (no scolding please :sad: ) In July I purchased a puppy.
I purchased her from a pet shop.
A pretty well known and protested pet shop in the US, although I did not know this was protested (doesn't happen in our area) and out of ignorance I did not realize that getting a puppy from this place was such a bad thing at the time.

Since July I have become pretty educated.
And feel pretty dumb to not have thought in the first place... what responsible, loving, caring breeder would send their dog off to sit in a wire bottom cage and drink out of a rat water feeder for an undetermined amount of time and be purchased by who knows?!?!?!??!
Now I think that... in July didn't occur to me... DUH!!!

Anyhow since it's been brought to my attention through some research about if these dogs are sedated while at the pet shop I found a web site
This is a great informative site.
With A LOT of research I have actually been able to track down the USDA# of the person responsbile for breeding Abby and selling her to unsaid petstore.

Get this... I live in Indiana (the chicagoland area, very close to illinois)
This puppy is in Indiana from Elk Point, South Dakota. (which I have also learned SD is home to many many puppy mills)

I have requested information through a site called who will provide me with reports about this particular breeder


I have also sent a letter to public records to request copies of the past 3 USDA inspection reports and any administrative action (e.g. fines) taken against the breeder.
Apparently they are only required to keep the last 3 reports.

At this point I am learning so much, and move on from this much wiser as a person, adult, and pet owner.
Thankfully Abby is healthy and happy to this point, who knows what the future holds (but that is true for anyone)

Once I get the info about these people I don't know if I should proceed to try and be active in seeing that this particular puppy mill gets put under the fire (if it is bad info, though I feel it probably will be) ya know shut down... or what.

What would any of you do.... and HOW????? do you become active in seeing justice served, especially living far away from this place?????

I love Abby SO much it kills me to think of the adversity that her life started out in.... But we can only move forward.

October 20th, 2006, 04:08 PM
These guys might be able to help:
They have a chapter in Chigago:

Good luck.:fingerscr

October 21st, 2006, 01:01 AM
While the mission of this group is primarily adoption, they may also be able to assist you.

Puppy Mill Rescue (

Good luck!