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--> dog won't potty train.

October 19th, 2006, 10:40 PM
I am desperate. We have a 7 month old chihuahua, and he won't quit peeing in the house. He has access to the backyard at all times and yet he continues to pee in the house. I know he knows it's wrong because when I walk in the room after he has done his business he cowers down. Any other time he wags his tail and greets me. He is a good dog and seems to be really smart. Is it crazy to think he is just being spoiled? brand new carpet is taking a beating

October 19th, 2006, 10:42 PM
He doesn't know it's wrong. He cowers because when you walk into a room crabby and start screaming, he starts to expect it and learns to read your body language.. I'd say start over with the housetraining as though he hasn't been taught before.

October 19th, 2006, 11:32 PM
If he has backyard access he likely has full house access. Doesn't know he shouldn't go in the house cause it's too much space and was likely not introduced slowly as a slightly larger and larger space. If you can't catch a dog in the act of pottying inappropriately you can't do anything about it. After the fact does nothing except reinforcing the dog to hide when pottying so you won't see it and freak.

If the dog is cowering it potentially tells me something about what happens when you find a mess.

If you can't watch the dog it needs to be confined. When you can leash it to you if need be so you can catch in the act and correct.

October 19th, 2006, 11:36 PM
You scold him for peeing the house, but do you actually show him where he SHOULD be going? Just yelling at him or scolding him for peeing in the wrong place doesn't let him know where he should be peeing instead.
How did you housetrain him in the first place, and did you housetrain him at all? Dogs don't just automatically know where to go to the bathroom, you have to teach them by catching them in the act and then redirecting them to the place you want them to go potty.
You can't scold him after the act, by that time he doesn't know what he's done wrong, he just knows that you're angry about something, and that's why he's cowering. You must watch him at ALL times, if need be tie his leash to you so he's always in plain view. Take him out at certain times to go potty, and give him a command such as "potty", and if he does it reward him with lots of praise and maybe a treat. If you catch him going potty in the house say a stern "no" and then "outside" while carrying him outside, even if he's in the middle of peeing. Sit him on the ground and give him his potty command. If he goes reward and praise.
This is a lot easier if you're using a crate to train, because then if he doesn't go potty you can put him in his crate for a little while and then try again. Most dogs won't mess in their crate (as long as it's small enough). When he does go potty you can let him run around a little bit. Then he learns to associate outside with potty, not the house. You can train him just as well without a crate, it just seems to work quicker with one, depending on the dog.

Btw, small dogs often don't have good bladder control, and he's still young, so make sure you take him out frequently. I would say wait no more than 45 minutes max.