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HELP PLEASE puppy training.

October 19th, 2006, 03:24 PM
Ok HELP, I am really perplexed.
ok with my pup( 4 months old now) she was using the paper no problem , both #1 &2 , then I got her a littler box for dogs and she used it a few times without problems, but then started going #1 on the floor more often right outside the box, but sometimes elsewhere. I would give a stern no and pick her up and put her in the box if I caught it. I dont have a kennel but made a small secure gated area for her with potty box, bed, toys and food. So after a while she is now going more and more on the floor( # 1 only, #2 still in box) I also found her several times sleeping in the potty box, so I removed her. I also noticed she was going longer and longer, several hours, between pees.
After while I removed the litter material and have now put in papers again to see if that helps. The other day she peed in it and I , as usual made a big tadoo over it, lots of pets and good girls. then she peed on the floor the next time, I caughter her at it, stern no, and put her in box, she started to cower. Happened again yesterday, pee on floor, , no,put in box. I made her area a bit smaller, as I read that if they go on the floor they have to much space, to shrink it back a bit. well she wouldnt even look at me after that, when I went to pick her up to play she was now cowering even more. I dont get it, Today she went so long with out pee, I tried sitting with her as she is in box,( several times for short periods) praising ect.. nothing, I took her to play thinking maybe some running would help, she played catch a bit, and after about 6 runs, she squatted to pee, I said no, picked her up and put her in box, OMG she was cowering and fearful, she thinks the box is punishment! I was getting worried about her not peeing, the only way she would pee( now its been 6 hours! was to let her out ((I tried the catch thing again, and now she wont chase her toy( its as if she now thinks that playing catch means potty box) I even put some paper on the floor in the play area and she wouldnt even walk past it)) stand still on the wood floor and allow her to pee at my feet!, I soaked up the pee in newspaper and put it in the box( all the while saying nothing to her( she cowered again) then put her in the box and gave her a treat and told her she was a good girl. I dont hit her, I dont know what to do about this. I have read posts here, and books on training and have done everything they say and she only seems to be getting worse. I do take her outside, but want her trained on the potty box, as she is at work with me all day and I cant always take her out, besides when I do, I could be out for an hour or more and she wont pee there either.
I have never encountered this before, its really concerning me. Is this a westie or Chiuaua thing??? I have owned many dogs but all large breed ones.

October 19th, 2006, 03:43 PM
oh also, she is super smart, she sits when told, shakes, stand on her back legs to dance and follows me everywhere, but if I call her to come she wont, she will approach to about 3 feet then bounce away playfully. Mind you if SHE wants cuddles and hugs, she will gladly bounce to me and jump all over me for loving and cuddles.

October 19th, 2006, 07:12 PM
ok good grief, do dogs have PMS????
after a pee and then a poop( my fault totally on that one) on the floor she is back to her old self, happy palyfull and in no way fearful, what the heck???
I brought her home from work, she peed in the potty box no problems, no accidents anywhere, happy as a clam. I have been racking my head trying to figure this out, just dont get it.