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Dog wont sit

October 18th, 2006, 12:44 PM

I am new here, I have just adopted a dog from the Animal Services. She is 2 years old, we have had her for about a week and a half, she is just the sweetest thing, and while it would seem that she may have been abused (by a woman I am thinking), she is doing really well with me and is fine with my husband and son. She is a Pointer/Hound mix and is a complete escape artist (she broke through the screen in my kitchen window on Monday and jumped 2 storey's to ground level, luckily she did not break anything, but is staying away from windows now).

Anyway, I am not sure that this is even an issue, but I thought someone may have some ideas on how to train her, she will lay down when you say "down", she will take a treat very nicly when you say "nice", she will walk beside me when I say "heel", she will even bow when told "bow" (it's the cutest thing), but as hard as I try she will not sit. I have tried holding the treat above her head and pulling back, so her back end goes down, but it doesnt, she backs up or walks away (and this is with her favorite treat). Even when we have nudged her back to sit, she still wont, it is not a huge deal just weird that she does everything else, looks like she had formal training before.

We are not sure how long she was in the shelter (they could not tell us for some reason), but I am thinking awhile, she was transferred from Humane Society to Animal Services, I know it has been a minimum of 3 months, but I am thinking more like 6-8 months.

Any insight on this training thing would be great!!!:)

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October 18th, 2006, 12:57 PM
Welcome! And if you find any answers, please pass them on! :D

We have a dog, adopted at age 1 1/2 from a kennel background and minimal socialization and she won't sit, either.

If you have pictures to post of your sweetheart, this forum is addicted to pictures and they'd be much appreciated.:D And I'm so glad she wasn't hurt in her window escapade! That must've been pretty frightening for everyone!

October 18th, 2006, 01:49 PM

I will definitely pass on the info if I get any. I am hoping to get some pictures within the next couple of days and will post them as soon as I get some. Yes, it was very scary for us, I kept checking her every half hour or so all night to see if she had broken anything, and luckily we live right beside an animal hospital, so we could get immediate help if need be. But she is a tough cookie and learned a good lesson, she can't ;)

Thanks for the welcome, I have read lots of great things on here.


October 18th, 2006, 01:55 PM
did you have her checked out by a vet after the fall? if not, it's a good idea to. even though you can't see any obvious damage, there could be some there. best to have a checkup after a fall like that.

that said, give it (her) time. you've had her a week & a half... it will take much more time for her to adjust to her new surroundings. let her settle in at her own pace, then work on re-learning commands. for now, I'd just be patient, consistant & establish a routine and a bond... i'm sure a nice "sit" will happen in time.

October 18th, 2006, 02:12 PM

Thanks for the concern, and we did have her checked out, as I said we live right next door to an animal hospital.

As well, funny enough she was wandering around in the back and there is a Chiropractor next door to me as well, who also happens to treat dogs, and they were the ones who found her, and they also found nothing wrong with her.

Aside from a scrape on her chin and being sore she is fine, and extremely lucky!!! lol...she backs up from the windows now as well.


October 18th, 2006, 02:35 PM
oh phew! great to hear there was nothing wrong w/ her! once she's settled in, you may want to take a beginner ob class, this would be a good way to refresh commands, not to mention a great way to bond.

congrats on the new addition by the way!

October 18th, 2006, 03:52 PM
Have you ever seen her sit on her own accord? If she has/does, then I would reward her for that with "good sit" and a treat. This is called capturing - eventually she will offer this behaviour in anticipation of a reward.

Having said that, if something traumatic in her past surrounds the sit command, it could take months for her to feel safe enough to sit on command. Just keep capturing the behaviour and proof other commands in the mean time.

I also think an OB course is a good idea, just make sure they use positive methods!

Good luck!:)

October 19th, 2006, 10:15 AM

Thanks for the advice Lissa, I have seen her sit a couple of times, but usually by accident when she is just getting up from the laying position, but I still reward this with treats and tonnes of praise.

I was thinking about OB training, but I dont drive and am looking for something in my area. If anyone knows of one in the Royal York/Dundas area of Etobicoke (or even a reputable private trainer, she is very socialized with other dogs already so that is not a concern) it would be greatly appreciated!!


October 19th, 2006, 03:01 PM
Are you sure there's nothing wrong with her joints, spine, tail or something like that?
It doesn't really seem normal for a dog not to even sit on their own, maybe she's sore somewhere and doesn't like to put pressure on it. It could hurt for her to bend her legs like that too if there's something wrong with her joints.

October 19th, 2006, 04:17 PM
Assuming all is well health/joint wise and that she is able to sit, you can try the following. When she is standing, position a treat just in front of her nose. Slowly move the treat over her nose toward the top of her head (keeping it low to prevent jumping). If she is interested in the treat, she will naturally try to watch / sniff at it as it move over top, which will cause her head to come up and her butt to go down. As soon as the butt hits the floor, praise her and give her the treat. Once she gets used to this process, then you can incorporate a 'sit' command followed by the moving treat motion, then progress to a sit with a moving hand (no treat), then a sit, etc. At the end of it she will know a verbal 'sit' as well as a sign language 'sit'.

good luck.


October 19th, 2006, 09:01 PM
I had tried to train Sunny to sit with treats and was getting no where with the sit so resorted to using the hug and fold method as described in this article