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Dogs have had mites for 8 months

October 14th, 2006, 11:28 AM
Hello, This is my first post. We are so afraid. Our dogs started itching 8 months ago. The Vet. said it was mites. He started with weekly dips for 6 weeks. It did not work. Now they are on Ivermectin shots every 14 days. They will get their 7th shot this Monday. My husband and I both caught these mites back in May. We have tried everything under the sun to rid our home and yard of these mites. The dogs don't need benadryl any more but they are still itchy at times and shake their heads still. We still break out each time we hold our dogs. The dogs were also put on Revolution and have been on it for 143 days, given at 12 days apart. My question: Has anyone successfully gotten rid of these mites, and is there anything else I can do to kill them? Thank you, R. Carlson