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Problems walking dog

October 12th, 2006, 10:22 PM
I have a 10 month old mini dachshund/yorkie mix little boy. We live in a gated apartment complex. He use to love to go outside of the complex and take walks and to go across the street to the park. Now when I try and take him out of the gate to go for a walk or to go across the street to the park he does ok for a few minutes and then his ears go back, his back leggs start to tremble and he refuses to go any further. I have to pick him up and bring him back inside the gate. He has no problems going for walks inside the complex but I feel he needs more. But I don't want of force him. I keep trying to get him to walk and reassure him that it is ok. But nothing. Any suggestions on what I can do or how I can get him to get over his fright?

October 12th, 2006, 11:15 PM
You've ruled out pain? My Ceili who has dysplasia, will most often come to a dead stop if she thinks we are going anywhere except for the parkette across the street or the bigger park down the street and one of her front legs trembles. She's not in pain but she is fearful of going on a longer walk which may cause her pain.

If it's not pain, it sounds like a fear reaction. Any of your other family members/ friends or dog walker who takes the scruffer out know of any incidents they may have forgotten about or didn't take seriously at the time which could be scaring your little guy? Has a new dog moved into the vicinity? A new business that might have a "new-to-him" sound or smell?

Perhaps you could start with reintroducing him to "life beyond the gate" in small increments. Go a little ways outside of the complex until he almost reaches his discomfort point, stay and hang about for a bit, talking to him in a normal voice throughout and then when it's time to go, praise and treats. Continue like that until you increase the distance and the time away from the complex without spooked behaviour from him. Did I miss his picture somewhere? if you haven't posted one yet ~ pleeez do ~ I love doxies!