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Another newbie

October 12th, 2006, 02:11 PM
Not sure if the picture posted, but should be one (poor, I'm afraid) of our 6-Pack of English Setters. It's hard to get a good picture of all 6 together :sorry: The ones I have are all bigger than 100K.

I've been nosing around and I've been enjoying the threads even though I'm not the BB-type... Thought I should at least say HI officially :)

October 12th, 2006, 02:22 PM
Welcome to the board!
I've been nosing around and I've been enjoying the threads even though I'm not the BB-typeMe neither! :D This is the only one I'm addicted to.

Very beautiful doggies. You'll just have to post a thread in the photography section with a pic of each one individually.;)

October 12th, 2006, 02:27 PM
Our dogs actually have their own website and ghost-write their own newsletter. You can see them at

The link to their newsletter is at the bottom of the home page at the site.

Sorry about the length of time it takes to load the pics if you're using a slow phone modem (like I do). The dogs had to use Publisher which came on the computer and it seems to build really big website files! Eventually, the pics just pop in if you wait long enough...

October 12th, 2006, 02:31 PM
Cool. Don't tell the black ones but I like the brown ones better.:o They're all very pretty, but the brown ones tug at my heartstrings.:)

October 12th, 2006, 02:37 PM
...but what should I tell the tri-colored ones? :) Actually, these are English setters so all but Cass are pretty much white with freckles...of various hues. Cass is also freckled, but has a lot of color so she looks much darker. Not as dark as a Gordon setter, though--you can see some white.

October 12th, 2006, 02:37 PM
Hi and Welcome, Wow that's awesome, I cannot even imagine 6 dogs, must be a :crazy: home sometimes. Like Prin I cannot wait to see pics of each as I'm sure they are all different looking and have their own unique personalities. Are they related? Before I ask anymore (Q) I'm going to check out your(their website) look forward to chatting sometime:pawprint:

October 12th, 2006, 02:42 PM
I love Setters. They always look like they're an impressionistic live painting :D

October 12th, 2006, 02:43 PM
...that I can't imagine a house with 6 dogs, either. After the first few months of it seeming like way too many bodies, it got to the point that we're always counting them, thinking there aren't enough and we've misplaced someone...

And we do definitely have :crazy: days. :eek:

(There shouldn't be so many smiley faces. I have to resist the urge to put one in every two words!) :)

October 12th, 2006, 02:45 PM
I agree with Prin I like the red freckles but my fav is the tri (just love a critter with eye brows), but I must admit they are all beautiful, and I'd have a hard time picking just one:D

October 12th, 2006, 02:47 PM do you think we ended up with six?

October 12th, 2006, 10:00 PM
Welcome to the forum. I just checked out your doggie's website....WOW, they are all gorgeous.

October 12th, 2006, 10:37 PM
Thanks, Rainbow. I'll be sure to tell them. :) It'll make their day.