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cats and coffee

October 12th, 2006, 09:25 AM
i've had my cat for about 6 months and yesterday was the first time i ever made coffee in front of him. as the aroma started to fill the air, my cat jumped on the counter and was nuzzling at my arm and purring very loud. i didn't think twice about it until i was at my desk drinking my cat would not leave me alone (even started nipping at my feet). then my cat jumped onto my lap and stuck his paw right into my coffee cup, spilling it all over my clothes. i cleaned up and later found my cat inside my hamper licking the clothes with the coffee stains. About 10 minutes later, he was on the counter where i made the coffee rolling around. i have another cat who has never done this. i have never seen him act like this. i know there are many toxins to cats, including cocoa (which coffee is made). Even though i keep my cat away from it i still worry. Does anyone know how much coffee is needed to do harm? ...say if my cat was to lick some that spilled on the floor or get into my cup? I was also wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how i should go about making my coffee? I love my cats enough to stop drinking least at home if i have to.

October 12th, 2006, 09:34 AM

lol! what a funny story! I wouldn't worry too much, just keep the coffee out of reach. as for jumping up to the coffee.. a quick squirt of a water bottle may be all that's needed to teach the cat to stay off & away from it. (I don't think you need to give up your coffee!) as long as your cat isn't drinking it by the cup full, I think it'll be ok.... I really don't think a few licks will do too much. got any pics of your caffine-kitty?

October 12th, 2006, 10:15 AM
sure do...i'm new to all this so not sure on how to show you.