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My betta is dying

October 10th, 2006, 06:52 PM
I think my betta is dying. It is starting to turn black and gray in the face and at the end of its fins. It rarely moves and hardly eats. I havent had him that long but I really dont want to lose him. He had an accident when i first got him when he jumped out of the tank ( I had no idea they could jump!) and landed on the floor. Im not sure how long he was there for, but for about an hour I thought he was dead after that, but he came back to life and seemed normal for almost a month or so. Now he looks horrible. Im not sure if it was because of the accident or something else. Any suggestions would help

October 11th, 2006, 12:09 PM
Hi Cassie,
its unfortunate when fish jump the tank,
cuz sometimes it does internal damage we cant see.
I had a weather loach jump out, she also lived a couple
months after, then just died unexpectedly.

However, lets see if we can first rule out anything
that might be treatable. So I have a bunch
of questions for ya to help me sort through her health problem.

Tank Conditions

What size tank/bowl do you have him in?
How long have you had him?
What is your water change schedule like?
Do you add anything to the water, conditioner, salt, any chemicals?
Have you added anything recently to the tank? Other fish, decorations?
Is there plants? live or fake?
Whats the substrate? gravel, sand, marbles, other?
Do you have tests for ammonia, nitrItes, and nitrAtes?
Filtration - what kind? how often, how do you clean it if so?


Any heavy breathing?
White Fuzz?
White spots?
Red anywhere around fin bases, tail tips, etc?
Is he pooping? What color is the poop? normal or ?
Does he eat? If so, what are you feeding him?
Any odd behaviour? (flashing - like itching off things, swimming funny, etc).

If you can provide answers to these questions, we can try to
figure out whats going on.

My first suggestion to start treatment, Is I recommend a
water change.
IF he is in a bowl, take him out into a cup, dump all the water,
scrub with a fish safe sponge or non-dyed paper towel till clean.
Refill with the same temperature, conditioned water.
If you can, add 1 teaspoon Aquarium salt per gallon of water,
this might help.
If hes in a tank, remove 50% of the water, and then add
some salt as above.
Do not use anything but aquarium salt or pure sea salt without caking agents or iodine.

Good luck.