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Introducing 2 big cats to 2 tiny puppies, help???

October 9th, 2006, 03:54 PM
Hi, I have 2 new pups I am picking up October 20, they are very tiny chihuahua pups and only eight weeks old. I already have a eight pound pomeranian my cats do very well with although sometimes play can get rough yet they all love each other.......but my male chi has hydrocephalus, yet is coping well on meds, and my female chi has a movable hind patella (kneecap) that may require surgery, it can also be painful if harmed or bumped. How can I introduce my cats to them without them thinking they are mice, (my cats hunt downstairs in our basement for me all the time) and without being too rough with them. I can seperate all at night easily but my cats are complete indoors cats and although I have a very large home they all like to be around me. How can I get them used to and be gentle to my new arrivals without causing too much upset, I have already displayed the pups new beds and crate and dishes and doggy litter so they are trained to stay away from these things and play only with their own things, any other tips "soon" would be greatly appreciated, I know very little about cats, having only had these guys for a few months and never owned one before, but since our country farmhouse came with unwanted guests now I had to get cats and now I have fallen for both of them, help me get my little family comfortable please!!!:pray: