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Why so much secrecy in shelters?

October 8th, 2006, 12:04 AM
Recently I found a stray Shiba Inu, what a nightmare! There was no collar, tattoo, or chip, first the shelter didn't want him at all because he was vicious (not at all) then when they found no chip they wanted him immediately. I had posted ads on over 50 websites, every shelter, rescue, breeder in AB and beyond, alot of vets, alot of newspapers, radio, and no-one came forward, so I said NO, I'll keep him as we try to find owner, she never helped once, every other shelter did, then my neighbour let him out and called cops. Within 15 min's he was picked up, I searched for 2 days, my first call was to Shelter and by-law, they lied, then they told people lies about me? Said he'd been let out and returned to me twice, which wasn't at all true. Then, because every breeder, shelter and rescue in AB was involved I e-mailed twice to ask if found owner as so many people wanted to know, she blocked me(shelter), so did the Police, I now can't access either web-site as I'm blocked and refused. Then I find out from someone I was possibly going to adopt him to if owner wasn't found, by simply calling, they tell him, NO, he's gone days ago. So, he went to a breeders, who also tried lying about him being there, but I kept bugging her, and now 3 stories have evolved about owners that are coming from states to get him someday, not anytime soon, and they didn't look anywhere for at least a week I had him. Now his name has changed 3 times and his owners twice. How could the shelter claim privacy act as reason for not telling anyone he was there, then going and telling complete stranger he was but isn't there. Why does this lady get to play GOD of all Dogs? I was told when trying to get help from higher ups that she has no boss, no regulatory body, no one to check place out. She said she doesn't advertise, how do dogs get home when no information is given? Then the breeder who has so many different stories and no answers that make sense. Now, she e-amiled a neuter cert. but I think, and so does the vet there, that it was for a different dog. The age, colour, name don't match anyway and no reason given. WHY is this such a nightmare? Can I never go on w/ my life knowing that Little One's alias Jiggs alias Klaus is OK? Why aren't these places regulated abit? These are all of our animals, why are all decisions regarding animal so secretive, and lies, why is this allowed to happen, one person playing God? I think we need to take a stand to improve conditions for everyone involved, and we should all have a say in animal welfare of strays. There should be only 1 list for LOST?FOUND, adopter, adoptables to easily match animals and owners. Why should you have to individually contact 200 people? With the INFO capabilities we have, we need to make it legal that all animals are posted in one place so can be easily found, if they can do it for libraries, I think we could figure out how to do it for dogs? Maybe some human strays to? Having 150 Lost/Found websites is counterproductive and a waste of time, and I really wish the rest of these shelters/rescues/breeders/me could of had a say in where he's going, so it's actually in the best interest of animals. I have so many ideas I need to start doing something so this doesn't happen again. I can see keeping names, addresses private, but I think to legitamize these shelters/breeders, we need to open it up and help everyone out, together so many more lives could be saved, more efficiently, faster, and without all the BS involved, simply by sharing one and only one data base of missing animals. Can anyone help me help Little One? If I don't get some clear answers soon, dog-napping is the only other alternative.
[I]Sorry so confusing, the dog is supposedly at a breeders who got him out of shelter after only a couple days because she knew the owner, but the story of owner and his name has since changed 3 times. The vet certificte she e-mailed to alleviate everyone's concerns as to his neuter status, may or may not be his. The vet said this dog on cert. was very cream, some red, no black, and deff. no older than one, very large in stature for a Shiba, long, thick coat, broad and wide. The dog I was helping until neighbour let him out and called cops, was 2-3 the proff. here said. He was petite, shorter hair, small in stature for a Shiba I was told, not broad, cream, yellow, red, peppered black. He had deffinate black in ears, tri-colour tail w/ solid cream/red/black. It really doesn't sound like the same dog even. And no answer was given from breeder as to why his name changed twice and owner changed three times. And so Why was she able to get him from shelter after only a couple of days saying she knew owner and lied about having him, and shelter wouldn't tell anyone else she had him and would give no info. because of privacy. I think he's fine, but I'm not sure, and answers from breeder where he is now keep contradicting. Why wouldn't the owners look at 1 place, she said they were travelling in an RV and didn't notice he was gone for 4 hrs out of this city, but I had him posted at every shelter, breeder, rescue, paper, web-site for 4 province wide, why didn't they check one place in over a week I had him and then magically reunited after only a day at shelter through same breeder and shelter that knew about him a week previously from me and said it wasn't any of her cutomers except maybe one from a year and a half ago, who now isn't the same one. The breeders answer was because they didn't know what to do or where to start looking until they found dog cert. from breeder about a week- 10 days later? Wouldn't you call one place? That's all it would have taken. None of this makes sense to my feeble brain, I'm still worried, should I be? I still think I gotta do something to make sure he's OK, if you could have seen him in my yard when I found him, and my 2 big dogs, we all knew he came to us for help, my neighbour could have ruined his life, and I can't let it go, I love him and wanted to make sure he got to a great place. He trusted me and loved being here and I let him down, and none of these answers make sense. I feel like I have to do something so this doesn't happen again, there has to be a way to legitimize these places.

October 8th, 2006, 02:37 AM
I don't understand- where is the dog now?

October 8th, 2006, 07:26 AM
Wow,that was confusing and I am sure very frustrating:frustrated:
All over a poor,stray Shiba Inu:sad:
I am hoping he did not end up with some BYB,or puppy-miller and that you'll have some honest answers soon.
I don't understand the secrecy,since you already said you would keep him,if no owners were found,unless your home for some reason was found unsuitable:confused:
All I can say is,I hope in the end this poor boy ends up in a good home and that you'll have some answers and your mind put at ease.:fingerscr

October 8th, 2006, 11:35 AM
I found your post very confusing as well. In your other thread I thought you said the dog's owner was found and was going home. :confused: