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Strange behaviour at Puppy Class: Day 2

October 3rd, 2006, 09:16 PM
This evening, Byron, ByronsDad and I went to day two of puppy classes. This was the first time that all the puppies were together. WHAT MAYHEM!!!!!!!! :eek:

After the initial sniffing of butts, Byron settled down (for the most part) and behaved quite well. Curiously enough though, when the puppies were let loose to play, he was not interested! He much preferred to sniff around, say hello to people and observe the other dogs romping around. Hubby and I were VERY suprised to see this behaviour coming from the dog who wants to say hello to every dog we see on the street and who rambunctiously plays with my inlaws' large dog!:confused:

On the second and third "round" of letting the pups loose to play, Byron was more scared than anything!! He stayed away from the dogs, preferring to stay close to mummy and daddy, and when approached by the other pups, he would put his tail between his legs, cower, and back away! :confused: We are not sure if he was just too overwhelmed or if he was actually scared of the dogs....But of course, when we got him on the leash, he was "Mr. Brave" once more! :p What is even more interesting is that when we first spoke to his foster mum (before we adopted him), she told us that when he first came to her, he preferred the company of dogs over humans...

We will see if the behaviour changes as classes go along. He was, however, made an example of "a dog who already knows the sit command"! :thumbs up

One great thing about these classes is that they get him all tuckered out!!:highfive:

October 4th, 2006, 06:36 AM
Very interesting behaviour for sure. Atleast he isn't trying to be dominating :o . I
have found that there are days when we bring Hunter (who is 5) to the dog park that he may want to run and sniff by himself and not play with the other dogs. But then there are other days when he really gets involved with the other dogs...
So yeah, keep us informed of how the classes go, and what behaviours he shows, it will be interested to me for sure. :thumbs up