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cage training success

October 1st, 2006, 02:12 PM
So I am a college student and I, for some odd reason, decided to get a dog. So i have to leave her in a cage when i leave because she gets seperation anxiety still...working on that... and chews things and poops in my shoes when i leave her alone. I was leaving her in a standard cage and she was hating it. Always whining, actually scratch that...HOWLING. Finally my roommates demanded i do something to get her to not whine in the morning. At first when i would put just blankets in her cage she would shred them to tiny pieces and pee on them. But that was a few months ago, So i decided to give putting stuff in there another shot. I made her cage look like a den. I put blankets in it and around it. Bones and all kinds of things to try to make it positive and personal. The main thing was, i think, that made it better for her was that she couldnt see all the bars anymore. She didnt feel trapped anymore she felt secured i think.

So the next morning after i fixed it up, when i woke i found her sleeping in it. I was soooo happy. And now she doesnt whine when i leave her in it. She goes in it willingly whenever i tell her "in."

So if anyone has this problem make the cage their bedroom and that should work.

I must say that training and working with my dog is one of my favortie pasttimes. Every time she surprises me with something new. :D

October 1st, 2006, 09:47 PM
Congrats:thumbs up :thumbs up .With my little man.I would climb in there with him and his toys and treats.A couple of times i fell asleep with him.and that worked for me.