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SOooo SCARY!!!!

February 15th, 2004, 05:13 PM
OMG, my heart is still pounding & fingers are shaking as I type this..!!

Honey on the couch dozing off so I decide to check on Chocolate in the backyard. He's got a muzzle on, the, grrr, neighbour's son taunts the dogs from his upstairs window. they don't have a screen on the window making it all the more convenient for their CAT to be wondering in & out... and "tanning" on the rooftop. yes, this drives Chocolate ABSOLUTELY BONKERS....

so anywho, I step outside & I hear a neighbours' dog barking in the distance... but no Chocolate. I look around & decide this barking noise... is coming from the shed.

It's Chocolate! he's stretching out the muzzle with EVERY continuous bark...

wtf??! he's jumped over the lawn chairs stored there, grrrrr! & he's barking like a MANIAC at something behind a door that lying on its side against the wall....

I run in the house & get the squirt bottle (haven't used it in YEARS!)

once I've tacked the door to the shed that's been stick in the icy snow, I start squirting that sucker... he is NOT listening.. all my rational thought goes out the window.

I'm starting to thinking he's cornered a skunk (one walked past me 6 feet away last night)! ... or a snake, then I think to myself it's WINTER, Aggie :rolleyes:

ok, so what is it? it's not meowing or hissing... I'm wondering if it's simply a fallen treat, geez... there's NO sound coming from behind the fallen door... I wait... is it a squirrel? a racooon?

moments later, I hear GROWLING, as tho it's a miniature BEAR...!!

BUt Chocolate's been sprayed so much he's whining... and the fact that the mystery animal (?) hasn't appeared. He walks towards me & take him home by the collar (THANK GOD FOR THE COLLAR!!!)

so behind the screen door, Chocolate, Honey & I are waiting and watching what's to come out of this shed..... .....

It's the NEIGHBOUR'S CAT!!!!!

(this is what the trespasser looks like, and the canine unit who's hot on the tail... pic taken last fall)