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Cat Can't walk, won't eat.

September 30th, 2006, 11:09 AM
Our cat, Belle, can't walk. All of a sudden.

Let me assure the reader that our 12-year-old part-Manx (possibly part abysinnian) cat Belle has been to the vet on this problem. She's been x-rayed and had blood tests. She's an indoor cat.

Slightly high white cell count, some sugar difference, no other problems. Liver fine, thyroid fine. No clots, no skeletal problems. No sign of poisoning of any kind. Not a stroke, not a clot blocking blood feed to the hind legs. Pulse low in the femoral artery, but not cold.

She's on Baytril. We're giving her water injections as she tents. She refuses to eat or drink water (usually the end-of-life action of a cat; we recently sat with another, very old cat as she failed quietly at home. Belle was not showing any signs of old age. This was very sudden).

She's had a long-running mouth infection that is kept down by steroid injections every 3-4 weeks. She's had a tooth pulled recently. Cats usually respond well to steroids.

The vet is stymied. He says he'll keep thinking to see if anything pops up.

I'm using this list to pick other brains. ANYBODY out there run into this? Is she just old for her breed? Is there some odd thing we're just missing? :confused:

Will be grateful for any hints, possibilities that could lead us to a solution for our Belle.