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Finding a breeder

September 29th, 2006, 11:08 PM
The guy that gave us Jag bought him from a pet store.On the paperwork has a name on it.When i put the name in a search.The breeder name doesn't come up.Is there anyway to find out.

September 29th, 2006, 11:09 PM
There's a big chance it's fake. Pet stores don't buy from reputable breeders (or reputable breeders wouldn't sell to pet stores).:shrug:

September 30th, 2006, 12:03 AM
Paperwork as in the CKC papers?

It could be because it's a BYB,and this person doesn't have a Reg'd kennel.


I have a female that I bred.I registered the pups under MonasShepherds under the breeders name,well I'm not reg'd under the CKC,so you will not be able to do a search on me.

Hope that made sense...I'm REALLY tired.LOL

Also,if this person got Jag under the age of 6 months,then Jag wouldn't have CKC papers at the time of perchase as it takes 5 1/2 to 6 months for the final papers to be sent.And most of the time it is sent to the breeders.

September 30th, 2006, 12:04 AM
I know that reputable breeders didn't sell to pet stores.Just seeing if i can find out more about Jag.If he is purebreed or not.Plus when i had him to see a trainer.She said by his action he would be good at agility and bird.Just being curious.And if there was a way to find out.Thanks for the reply:)

September 30th, 2006, 12:10 AM
He got him from *****.I was just bored and thought i would try and find the breeder and see if they reputable.To much time on my hands after work when everyone is sleeping.I bore easy:D.I have the Petstore paperwork.

September 30th, 2006, 12:21 AM
No need to worry,he is all Weim and a very handsome one....;)

Ok,so it's the petstore paperwork and not the CKC papers.I didn't think it would be CKC papers.

Have you thought of getting him into Agility?

September 30th, 2006, 12:38 AM
Yes i want to.The trainers i have talk to do the obedience and agility training in the evenings.which i work.And the weekend ones seem to be the pet stores.He needs obedience first.Thanks.I'm going to try some of the agility myself.My 5 year old daughter put the lawn chairs in a line when we got him.And tried to get him to run around them.Now when you throw a toy before he gives it to you he walks around the chair first.

September 30th, 2006, 10:47 AM
I have a pet store dog. I didn't buy her, but I have the original paperwork that she came with. I called the vet clinic listed to inquire about the name on the papers. They didn't know what I was talkign about.

I'd say that short of CKC or AKC paperwork coming with them, nothing else is potentially real. No store wants you to be able to contact a byb or a mill for inquiries.

September 30th, 2006, 03:55 PM
I just wanted to know if his conditions there were good.And if they only sell to petstores.

September 30th, 2006, 04:02 PM
If your dog came from a petstore, then no the breeder was far from good, in any case. No one with ethics does that.

September 30th, 2006, 04:17 PM
He's just lucky to have you now (and we're lucky to get the occasional pic ;)).

September 30th, 2006, 04:22 PM
i'm going to post some more pics.the ones i have right now.are way to big.

October 1st, 2006, 09:54 PM
He got him from ****.I was just bored and thought i would try and find the breeder and see if they reputable.

I'm not sure why you would even suspect that he could come from a reputable breeder? The bottom line on breeders that sell to pet stores is that they don't care who buys the puppies. They don't care where they go. There is no attempt to ever follow up on what they've produced. Their breeding program will never change thanks to the feedback of their puppy owners simply because they don't know who they are or what ever became of their puppies.

I am active in Doberman rescue. A couple of years ago, a young male was turned over to us that had been purchased at ***. He was 9 months old, and he had Dancing Doberman Disease, a neurological disorder that makes them constantly kick out their rear legs looking in some respects like they are dancing. Hence, the name. I had heard of Dancing Doberman Disease, having been involved in the breed for 20+ years but I had never personally known of a Doberman that had it.

We got very lucky, and he was adopted by someone with close ties to the U of Guelph where he could be treated by a qualified neurologist. When he was just TWO YEARS OLD, he developed osteosarcoma in his shoulder and had to be euthanized soon after. At TWO YEARS of age.

Do you think his breeder that sold him to *** gives a crap? I'm sure the beat goes on. The breeder has no idea what happened to that dog. And the breeder is probably still merrily pumping out others just like him and laughing all the way to the bank.

October 2nd, 2006, 01:59 AM
Like i said was just bored.and trying to find out more about him.Just trying to keep busy well everyone else sleeps.Don't ask.Don't learn anything.

October 2nd, 2006, 12:14 PM
I think in this case it's more of a "Don't ask, you don't want to know" kind of thing.:o

October 3rd, 2006, 08:33 AM
If you're really curious (or bored :p ), you could always contact the CKC directly to see if the breeder is registered. If they are (by some fluke), you could mention that you got the puppy from a pet store with no CKC papers and see if that doesn't initiate an investigation. :evil:

Best of luck with the agility training. :thumbs up

October 3rd, 2006, 12:09 PM
My MIL had an Akita that came from a pet store (she didn;t get him there) and she found out he originally came from the US, as Akita's were very rare here at the time.

(I also heard this particular petstore, is a US chain and many of the puppies they sell, come from the US, so it's harder to track down the puppy mill they come from )

October 4th, 2006, 04:31 AM
I don't know anything about breeders.I alway's thought the register one's breed show dogs only.And the rest sold to petstores and privetly.That way i thought they would be reputable.Quess i was wrong.Never dealt with a breeder.The dog we put down in March:rip: .We adopited from the humans socity.We had him almost 10years But he was already trained.Sheba came from a friend.And Jag from a friend.And with the one we put down i was on the Hwy at the time so what training he needed it wasn't home for.So this training and all is new to me.

October 4th, 2006, 04:35 AM
Writing4fun.He still needs obedience first.But i will take all the luck i can get.You wouldn't happen to have a spare golden horseshoe.I will need it.If it wasn't for bad luck i would have no luck at all:D