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Broken Canine Tooth

September 28th, 2006, 06:52 PM
I am seeking some advise and I am hoping someone may have some input

I have two very healthy Rhodesian Ridgebacks. The Male (Stagger Lee) is 8 years old and the Female (Maggie May) is 6 years old. They are on Raw Food and Bones so they have very healthy teeth and gums. Recently Maggie broke her top, left Canine and has exposed the "pulp". We currently have her on Ammoxicillan and a pain killer while we wait for an oral specialist to see her on Wednesday. They have her scheduled to fix the tooth. My question is...Do you think they should save the tooth by repairing it or should they extract it. My concern is that the tooth, if repaired, might become infected repeatedly if left in place but I'm also worried about removing such a large tooth.

The reason I bach at fixing the tooth at all is because I went through a root canal procedure myself, and after the third failed attempt I finally had it removed and have been quite happy without it (and the pain and agony of the repeated infections it caused). The obvious difference is that it was a lower molar in my case and I am planning on having an implant where as in Maggies case it is a front canine which is quite a bit larger than mine and I will not be looking at an implant option with her.

I have had very little luck finding any information on success rates of Root canal's but I have had the same luck finding info about extrcting canine teeth. Any suggestions?

September 28th, 2006, 06:59 PM
hey i just went through that same exact thing with my boy a few weeks ago. he fell down some stairs, snapped the top off a canine, we had it sealed...

you can see all the details in this thread:

the sooner you get it fixed, the less chance there is for permanent damage. good luck! :fingerscr