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Questions about kitten

September 28th, 2006, 10:43 AM
1)Is it ok to feed my 5 month old kitty 2% milk?
2)Also, i did rescue it from the wild although it was taken care of by ppl in the appt compllex i got it from. Can i give it a bath or just brush its fur with a wet towel?
3)Its a female and going to be indoor cat.Does it have to be spayed?
4)How can i deter it from scratching the furniture or rather what toys etc i need to get?I already have a cardboard box scratch post which doesnt do much.
5) i was told not to introduce cat nip to the young kitten as they might get violent and too resltess and this info was from a person at a pet value.Is this true?

Thanks a mill!

September 28th, 2006, 10:58 AM
Well, I am new to having a kitten too - but here is what I have discovered
1) I gave my kitten milk initially and she drunk it but now she isn't bothered and prefers water. I think it is more a meal than a drink for them - water needs to be supplied all the time.
2) I bath my kitten. I was told start them off young and they sort of get used to it.
3) Have you heard a cat in heat howl - you will want to spay her!
4) Don't know
5) Don't know

Hope this helps alittle. I think there are experts here who really will know how to answer your questions.

September 28th, 2006, 11:37 AM
congrats on the kitten!

my advice is this....bath won't do anything. You need a vet check to take a look in all the spots where mites and dirt can be hiding that you won't be able to see. My kitten that was rescued from the wild seemed clean enough until the vet took a took in her ear and scraped out heaps of ear mites. Live ones too. You don't want those on your pillow. Those are treated with pills.
Also she could have worms, something you also don't want.
She can also have fleas. Personally I can't see them, so again a vet needs to take a look. All those things above can't be treated with a simple bath.

Secondly.....if you choose to not spay your cat....well...enjoy sleepless nights of cat yeowling. It pretty much sounds like a cat being tortured and you will...i WILL want to hurt yourself to not have to put up with the sound. It's not pleasant and the cat doesn't behave in a dignified manner either. I had to deal with that with the cat I got from the shelter. not because I chose to not spay her, but because the vet was booked for surgeries for a whole week. trust your appointment ahead of time, or you'll regret it.

also, i'm not sure where you live, house or apartment, but a cat in heat will do ANYTHING to sneak outside. Again my cat would go sit by the balcony door and scratch to go outside and find herself a male. It was sad and annoying and sad again.

Cats in heat also go through a lot of pain during this time, so as irritating as it is to hear them scream the whole night, it's because they're in a lot of pain so you end up feeling sad for them. It'll hurt her as much as it'll hurt you to see them squirm in agony that they can't find a mate. :sad:

so please save money ahead of time for this surgery. It'll benefit you and the kitty.

catnip...I don't think a wild kitten knows what catnip is. It may not know what to do with it. My kitten wasn't attracted to it until the shelter cat came along and showed her how to use a catnip pillow. Catnip also affects cats differently. As kittens are naturally hyper, it may calm her down or it may make her even more energetic.

scratching, her a cat tree scratching post. Something big that she can run to and scratch. When she's on the furniture scratching, you have to pick her up and say "no" and then move her to the scratching post. Or spray her with water and then move her to the scratching post. If you'r elucky she'll learn. But the trick with cats is that in order to get them away from something you have to offer them a bigger equivalent. So if you can splurge, get a big carpetted cat scratching post with a perch, or make one yourself if you're crafty.

September 28th, 2006, 03:59 PM
Also like to say congrats and heres my 2 cents ;)

1) There is no need to give a 5 month old kitten milk, its actually not good to give them. ( something to do with them being unable to digest sugars(??)

2) I would bathe, or bring to a groomer.

3) There are heatlh problems that are easily aviodable by spaying, not to mention... It is the saddest thing in the world seeing a cat rolling and yowling non stop. Spay her.

4) Look into "soft claws" little caps that are glued to her nails. And of course , training .

5) I dont know much about Cat nip... I have never EVER baught any for my cats .

Good luck with your new kitty!!!:D

September 29th, 2006, 07:26 AM
I agree with the PPs and have a few things to add. About having her spayed, did you know that unspayed females tend to mark in the house? It will be cheaper to have her spayed than to pay for endless bottles of enzyme cleaner to clean up the pee spots. Also, kittens have enough energy, why would you want to give them catnip? Besides, it's not good for them. About the bathing, I would give the kitten a lukewarm bath every so often just to get her used to it. That way if you ever need to give her a bath as an adult she will already be used to it. I speak from experience as my cat Petunia came in last week after rolling in some kind of poop (I think it was cow poop). I had to give her a bath and she was fine because I'd done this a few times while she was a kitten.

September 29th, 2006, 08:37 AM
Hi all,Thanks for the hearty response!
Saphi (short for saphire) is getting along with the other pets at the house.I will take her to the vet this weekend.She's quite the bundle of joy and keeps hopping around in excitement..Im glad i took her in when i did, coz the temperature outside plumeted to 2'c overnite here in toronto!.

Well,. im trying to get her to sleep in a bed i made or rather ill get her a bed to make sure she sleeps in it.any ideas to get her to sleep in a particular place?