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Cloudstar Buddy buscuits

September 25th, 2006, 02:16 PM
Well i took the Nutra and Biljac's and got a refund and stocked up with some Canadie (Rileys still not overkeen, but it's going down and comming through) and had some spare change to use up. So I saw the itty bitty Sweet Potato Madness buddy biscuits.
Barley, spelt, vegetable oil, fresh sweet potatoes, mixed tocopherols (natural preservative).

Guaranteed Analysis:
crude protein (min): 9.0%
crude fat (min): 5.0%
crude fiber (max): 3.0%
moisture (max): 10.0%
They seemed the best of a bad bunch and Riley loves them as much as his rollover and liver treats. Anyone got anything harsh to say about them, or has anyone heard of them before as it was the first time I have looked at this sort of thing, the 'other treats' are outlawed for the time being as I want him on his propper diet and not holding out for treats instead.

September 25th, 2006, 06:19 PM
There's no meat in them, but otherwise they're ok... A lot of dogs hate them though (I gave away a box already...).

September 25th, 2006, 07:25 PM
I'm surprised that there is so few ingredients in them. As long as Riley loves them without any meat in them they look good to me.

September 26th, 2006, 09:05 AM
Oh he's really into them, partly because they are so small, with bigger biscuits he get bored with them, when you try and break them up they jsut crumble. When we first got him he would have 2 biscuits and loose interest, with these he justs keeps comming back for more, it's a nice addition to the weiners/ liver and rollover for training (he did like cheerios but now he knows he can hold out for something better). i couldn't see anything wrong with them as seeing how he is when I dig up potato's I guessed he'd like them, I was thinking about trying to make some with all the excess veg I should have had but lost a lot due to frost and potato bugs (I'm organic) so had to give up that idea this year. The veg thats left in the garden he's working his way through, he likes the squash (well he chews it and spits it out but he likes it). I hope he doesn't think about having a go at the chickens!!!