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Saved a New Kitty from the wild.

September 25th, 2006, 10:50 AM
Few questions need answered PLEASE.

1) My kitty is 2 months or so old. It was from the wild. Do anyone know a reasonable vet for vaccinations in the toronto area.
I got a few quotes for 55 + and onwards..Spayin is expensive...lookign for something not too expensive for my budget.

2) Regarding declawing. I read somewhere about alternate to declawing etc...but like putting little plastics over the nails etc..
how much is declawing cost or another alternative anyone else knows about.

3) I got the hard kitten food since its used to eating that.I geuss thats alright for her age right?

any advice or suggestions will be greaat!

STrange thing is that it never meows...,mmmmm..should i be scared..Just growls at my dog who i keep away from her.


September 25th, 2006, 11:18 AM
2) Regarding declawing. I read somewhere about alternate to declawing etc...but like putting little plastics over the nails etc..
how much is declawing cost or another alternative anyone else knows about.

the majority of us here feel declawing is inhumane. if you do a search on declawing, you should find a number of posts listing the con's for it. like you mentioned there ARE alternatives, one being "soft paws". small plastic caps that glue onto the claw. Personally, I have never used them, and my vet actually advised me on some problems he's seen w/ these.... yes, they save your furniture, but the cat cannot retract it's claws with these on. resulting in many cats leaving their claws out all the time. If clawing is a major issue, it's a viable option, but most of us have had great luck with just providing scratch posts and training not to claw furniture. It can be done.

3) I got the hard kitten food since its used to eating that.I geuss thats alright for her age right?

if you can, post the brand name of the food you are feeding (and how often you feed), and you'll get some thoughts and opinions on how appropriate it is for your new kitten.

September 25th, 2006, 02:11 PM
dont declaw, it is inhumane imagine having your nails pulled out, plus you are taking away any chance of him/her being able to fend for its self. If clawing your furniture is a problem just give a piece of carpet if you cant afford a cat scratcher or what ever they are called.

September 25th, 2006, 03:10 PM
Please do not declaw your cat as it is painful for her and totally inhumane. :sad: She can be trained to use a scratching post. I have found that the carpeted ones work best.

What brand of food are you feeding her?

BTW, we would love to see pics of your new girl. :cat:

September 25th, 2006, 04:26 PM
Crosswire,you have already done a great thing by saving this little cat,but please,don't let any vet convince you to declaw her.
It's not only the nails that are removed,the first knuckle is removed and it is a horrible thing to do to a cat.
I've always had at least 3 cats and good furniture:cat: I would NEVER EVER consider declawing.Declawing has been outlawed in several countries as cruel and inhumane.
As for the kitten-food,anything bought at Wal Mart,grocerie-stores crappy food,go to a petsupply store like Pet Smart,Pet Value and ask for good healthy food.
It will save you on vet-bills in the future.
I would call around for cheaper vets,Toronto is a big city,with I am sure,hundreds of vets. Good Luck

September 25th, 2006, 05:36 PM
I recently got picked by a stray kitty and she lives here now.:) She is not declawed and I wasn't sure if I should declaw her or not. My other cat is declawed - I had it done like 10 years ago when it wasn't really as "known" what exactly is involved in it. (Wasn't know by individuals, I mean)

So I thought of soft paws but when I was calling around to see who carried them (because almost nowhere does) I asked why nobody has them, I was told they aren't actually so great for the cat either. Better then declawing but not great.

So I bought at Petsmart this spray called Feliway Comfort Zone Spray - it is cat pheromones and you spray it on your furniture and it deters the cat from scratching. It doesn't smell (at least to a human nose and it doesn't mark the furniture) Also, Petsmart has a great return policy and if it doesn't help you can return it for your full money back. (It was 34.99)

I also bought some cat scratching posts - a rope one and a carpet one. My kitty actually likes the rope one the best. I also got some different cat toys - like the balls in the plastic ring that they bat around and chase. (It seems sort of mean to watch since she will never be able to get it out! ;) )

Anyways, my kitty has been great! I have only sprayed with the Feliway once she hasn't touched any of the furniture. I also bought catnip spray which I sprayed on her posts (spray that outside!!) so maybe that helped too.

So she's keeping her nails and I feel way better about it :)

September 29th, 2006, 01:17 PM
Thanks for ure advice
Im in the same situation as you are.I will get the toys etc for it from petsmart and even try the spray.

Have you sprayed of neutered ure kitten..know of any good cheap places in toronto?

September 29th, 2006, 03:48 PM
Since yours is just a kitten, it should be relatively easy to get her used to having her nails clipped. It is very easy to do yourself w/ nail clippers. Just stay away from the 'quick' or it'll be painful and bleed. You can see this inside the nail, i think it stops around where the nail curves over. With blunt nails, they can't do much damage. I would not recommend declawing, as it is painful for the cat. Also, I am not sure this is true with all cats, but my declawed cat (she came to me this way) bites a lot more than the other one with claws. Both of mine just love these inexpensive cat scratchers that are cardboard and lay flat on the floor - usually they are sprinkled with catnip. They sometimes even nap on them. I've had little trouble with my clawed cat from scratching - she has a couple posts, one w/ sisal and the other carpet, plus the cardboard things. One time she did try and scratch a chair, but putting one of the posts in front of it quickly solved that problem. Good luck!

September 29th, 2006, 03:57 PM
Hi crosswire ... I did have my kitty spayed last week but I'm in the Niagara area so not close to Toronto and I don't know of any vets in particular in that area =)

My kitty's spay was really expensive .. it seems that with females it's just more (obviously there's alot more to it!) But not getting her spayed wasn't even an option and it's just a one time thing and then it's done =)