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My fishies

September 24th, 2006, 11:02 AM
Well I have never posted pics of my fish on here, so here are a few of them, I need to take new pics though since I did add a few new additions to the family.
The big guy is my irredescent shark,I have 2 of them that size and the black moore is Bo he's such a clown.

September 25th, 2006, 05:19 PM
Hi there,
beautiful fish you have there.
I do however have 2 concerns to address here.
First, I am wondering if you know how big Irridescent
Sharks get? Are you aware they can reach 5 feet in
length, and grow on average at a rate of 8-12 inches
per year? In order to keep such a fish, that actually
will average 2.5-3 feet in the aquarium, a tank size of
500 gallons or more would be necessary.

My second concern is you seem to keeping goldfish
with tropical fish, which is a major no-no in the fish world.
Goldfish, when kept in tropical temperatures, experience a rapid
increase in metabolism, which can actually shorten their lifespans
by as much as 75%, depending on the temperature they are
kept at. Temps of 74F and below are best for Goldfish.
Keeping tropical fish in lower temperatures is unhealthy, as it
slows down their metabolism to a point where they may not even
be able to digest food properly.
Tropical fish should be kept at temps of 76F or above for proper health.

Heres a good picture of a small iridescent shark for you to
see the potential for growth:
photo cred to site