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Canine nosebleed, losing nasal tissue?

September 24th, 2006, 01:09 AM
Hi all

I have an Aussie Shepard (blue healer) abt 14 years old, was doing really well until about 6 mos ago, got a bit slower.

Well 3 mos ago there was a minor nosebleed incident while in the car, stopped he walked around and was fine;

its been now 2 weeks? at home, lying on the carpet, relaxed and started nosebleed. I heard an odd sound and looked over to find him licking his nose and saw the blood.

one nostril only.

there have been almost 10 bleeding episodes now? first thought it was a cut nose from dogfood can. nope. on the 2nd one called the vet, got tested for rat poison, turned out negative, nothing wrong with the blood clotting at all, liver relatiely okay, white cell count high, and thyroid very low.

but years ago it was low and he was on T4 about 6 years?

Vet then said he needed to get tissue biopsy sample in the nose and use endoscope. thats the day he took the blood initially, but that night on the bleeding episode, he had something coming out the nose, tissue of some kind.

this tissue looked about the size of an earthworm, 2-3 inches and 1/4 inch diameter or less. I would start to help pull the tissue out the nose, it wouldnt come out, caused pain.

eventually the dog sneezes, spraying blood everywhere, and this earthworm looking tissue is on the floor (put lots of papers down). took that in for the sample, sent it out, results from the lab were negative for cancer, it was nasal tissue. different vet filling in the other days Id never met before

So my question is about how to cure this. what could come out the nose like that? why is the nose shredding up that way? this afternoon he was already weak and had a long episode. couldnt sit up in the car much later, couldnt sit up to eat dinner, barely walked in, back legs giving out.

for some reason, he lost muscle mass in the back legs


so Im cleaning his back end because (it was necessary) and notice worms?

call the vet. hey, worms in his back end. are they small, white, rice size things wiggling? yes. okay thats a tapeworm the vet receptionist? said. okay get the medicine, Ill come over and get it.

see the vet, droncit? take all 4 tablets b/c the dog is 50lbs or so. take all 4 at once.


next day, had to clean his behind again, still lots of worms? the night before he was really agitated, couldnt sit, couldnt stand.

I clean the worms, and notice hey, whats that? a hole in the skin near the tail? and zillions of those worms coming in/out. I clean it and the hair is falling off. a small pencil sized hole in the skin in a few places.

so I cleaned as much as possible and called the vet. receptionist said thats normal, the worms are in process of dying from the medication. but they are coming out the skin, is that normal? just a second Ill put you on hold.... the vet says come in at 12. (1 hour)

they were fly eggs/maggots, how gross. poor dog. so we cleaned that up, shaved his fur in the back area, to the skin in several parts, now its red and inflamed 2 days later

so far in 1? week he has had:
new prescription of T4 thyroid, seems to have helped
new set of vitamin K ? pills
took the 4 droncit pills for the misdiagnosed tapeworm he didnt have
new prescription of antibiotics
and 1 chewable drug to kill the fly egg parasites

because he was bleeding in the house and I had to work out of town? those here in the house must have locked the dog outside in the day, where the flies bit him. it would be 5 days or less from fly eggs to wormlike larvae?

I have to work out of town next week also, dont know what to do.

well the dog has another appointment tomorrow Sun at 430pm pst with the other vet office. any ideas or suggestions are helpful as to why the nasal bleeding, and why tissue comes out like that

thanks in advance!

September 24th, 2006, 03:38 AM
It sounds like it could be a bot fly infestation. Ask your vet when you go and please post back with an update.

September 24th, 2006, 03:47 PM
Hey thanks for that info.

Went to wash the dog this morning and noticed more fly larvae, and his tail/back end really stinks. not like poop, something else Ive never seen before. so the vet had not shaved all the tail, just part of it. yep, farther up the tail? another infestation. washed off with dog shampoo.

then put the dog in the bathtub and washed all over.

couple hours later Im checking, the tail area still has some discharge and one spot about 1/2 in diameter looks like mold.

I had thought this morning to simply have this other vet check for parasites of any/all kinds and start there.

the other vet supposedly gave medication to kill off any residual fly larvae, obviously that didnt work, those things were larger than yesterday, so had to be the same batch

Now i want to really clean up the back yard area, using some kind of spray to kill off the bad insects, not hurt the ladybugs, etc. is there some kind of soap mixture to wash the outdoor areas? seeing those fly larvae attack my dog has totally changed my outlook on flies and bugs

thanks again

September 24th, 2006, 06:02 PM
I really hope the new vet can get your poor dog's infestation cleared up. You have to get rid of all the larvae that has burrowed inside. :fingerscr

Is there any place you can board him while you are away again so he doesn't get re-infested? :fingerscr

September 25th, 2006, 03:26 PM
Yes, but oddly the vet yesterday knew about the remaining larvae in the tail and did nothing but say come back tomorrow (today). one vet charged 80 to clean most of the wounds, the other one charged 80 and just looked and gave pain pills, even noting in the report thing that there was a reinfestation of the fly larvae? thats not correct, it had never been cleaned in the first place.

last nite another bad bleeding episode, major gushing and worried that it wouldnt stop but did, he was okay this morning, took to the vet and dropped off.

they took some xrays of the chest area, the lump in the back was a BB from months ago??? who shot my dog with a BB gun?! the other dog I had also had a shot in the face when I had got home, leaving a 1/3 inch hole.

Vet said leave the BB in the back because its too hard to find it. no, I want it for evidence, but the vet doesnt know how to extract it without major surgery. seems odd.

so he is getting an IV today and is at the vets tonight. they said they cannot do skull xrays unless the dog is fully anesthetized? he is old and will sit still, I could stand there and hold him still, grabbing the teeth or?

yes, younger dogs who are hyper would need to be sedated, they wont sit still, this one is weak and will stay in place, why do they HAVE to charge me for anesthesia?? is it some veterinary law?

September 27th, 2006, 02:31 PM
So my dog stayed over, they gave him an IV, then did a nasal inspection

here is the problem, after I paid, a tech said they didnt see anything at all in the nose. I asked if they had the video made from the endoscopy? oh no, we dont have that kind of equipment, we only used the thing you look in peoples ears with.

But I was told it was endoscopy, charged for full on endoscopy and removal of a biopsy sample, but none was taken?

then Im picking up my dog to put into the truck, not much fur, whats going on? I get home and find they brutally brushed his fur, ripping out patches where there are bald spots now. they did also shave his belly for some reason.

it appears to be lots of fake charges for a nice total of $700, with no diagnosis, no estimate of anything, lots of pills

In California is there any kind of govt board that oversees Vet offices? or are they free to commit fraud?