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panting in crate

February 13th, 2004, 03:11 AM
When I first put pup to bed, sometimes she pants. Is this nervousness?
I have had her to vet just today for vomitting. She has been on gastro cans medical for almost 2 weeks now. She was really getting better when I was given the go ahead to put her slowly on kibble Medical Development.I was mixing with gastro wet, and mushing the kibble and wetting it. She loves her kibble and she started to practically inhale it. She seems to have forgotten to chew it. I wet it with water. Today at 2 she had her "snack"m gastro kibble with medical kibble wet. I think it wasn't wet enough. Then I gave her a greenies bone. She was chewing on her bone when she wanted out. She vomitted twice outside. It looked like the kibble and greenies I had just fed her . I have been feeding her 4 or 5 times a day as doctor suggested. Yesterday doctor advised gastro kibble to help swith over. She "inhales" it too. She vomitted the snack up and tried to eat it and then retched, I phoned doctor and he thought she had scratched her throat. Told me to feed her when I got home. I did, just gastro canned with water only about 1 tablespoon. All OK until 1 am this morn. She wokeme vommittingand was eating it. It looked just like gastro. We went out for a pee then she had a normal bowel movement. I fed her, since she wouldn't settle. Again just gastro with water .

She just started to drink again herself in the last few days. AM so upset and raw with worry.

Bought her an outside kong on weekend within 1 minute she had rope fraying.We played with it yesterday and it may have scratched her throat.

Two days ago I fell putting compost out and she got a lettuce leaf with coffee grounds on it. I pulled leaf from her mouth ran inside wet a towel moved it around her mouth to pick up grounds. Rinced her mouth with water, used fingers and the towel to get her mouth clean and fed her a little gastro and water. Am calling vet tomorrow morn, forgot to tell him about coffee grounds. Any advice? How much coffee grounds is dangerous? What does it do. She slept through night fine on the day it happenned.