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Animal rescuer moving to Montreal - have ?'s

September 21st, 2006, 03:46 PM
Hi - my name is Kim and I'm currently located in Los Angeles but relocating to Montreal for work. I have been doing animal rescue work here in LA for about 7 years, mainly TNR for feral cats.

My new employer is handling my immigration paperwork and I've started checking out the Canadian border services websites to find out about importing my animals. (That is going to be no small feat as I have 8 cats and 1 old dog!) It doesn't appear there is any quarantine required, just your standard proof of vaccines. I'm also aware there is likely an import fee of $30 or so per animal.

Has anyone moved in from the US before with cats and there any other critical information that I'm missing? For anyone in Montreal in particular, are there any city-wide laws that limit the number of cats/dogs per household? Do you need to register each one with the city (ID tag or permit)?

Any information that anyone could provide would be most appreciated!!


September 21st, 2006, 04:07 PM
Kimsenn,I am sure you'll get tons of info soon,I am not in Montreal but a majority of the people here are.
I am assuming you already have a place to live in Montreal,otherwise renting with soo many cats,might be a problem.
Montreal needs cat-rescuers for sure,always lots of cats who need rescuing:cat:
I've been to Montreal only twice,but I absolutely LOVE it,almost like beeing in Europe.Except they seem to have a real problem with stray cats:sad:

September 23rd, 2006, 08:03 PM
Welcome to Montreal (when you get here),

Some areas do have regulations on how many cats and/or dogs you have. You need to check with the district. You do need a liscence for a dog but not a cat. If you need any help when you get here let me know.

September 24th, 2006, 11:04 AM
I posted a couple of links that might be useful to you here: :)

October 4th, 2006, 09:51 PM
Just want to say thanks to everyone for the responses...and the links do help! Best, Kim

October 4th, 2006, 10:54 PM
Have you moved yet....or when are you moving?