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Why Do Some People Think....

September 20th, 2006, 04:13 AM
When people want to get a pet they usually want one that can take care of
itself, such as a cat. Please tell me are they serious? Are they stupid? No
they are just lazy. Also since when does a cat take care of itself? They need
their shots, need to be spayed or neutered, fed, water, nice warm home and
love. Now I have kidney disease so my legs swell up and the best thing for me
to do is go walking, sometimes that is at 2:00 a.m . When I cross streets
or the alley ways I always look and alot of times I will see a poor homeless kitty l
ooking for food in dumpsters, or the cats owner let's it outside. ( A healthly and
safe,cat is an indoor cat) one that stays in all the time. Why do people get rid of
cats and say they have behavioral problems? They wouldn't get rid of their child if
it had the same problem. If people would just take the time to love their cat, realize
that their behavior is a part of their personality instead of a problem maybe there wouldn't
be as many ferel cats in this world. What kills me is when they get a cat and decide they
don't want it so they let it outside and just forget about it, then that cat gets hungry, pregnant,
has kittens and the vicious cycle begins. Cats can't take care of themselves, they need our help,
guidence, and love. If they want a pet that takes care of themselves maybe they should get a
stuffed animal. I do feel this way about all animals, dogs who end up being chained up in the back
yard all day, husky dogs left outside in the cold 24 hrs. a day, whether it's 50 degrees, 32 degrees
or -20 degrees, just because they are huskys doesn't mean they can't freeze.

September 20th, 2006, 01:17 PM
I 100% agree with you, and that is why I've embraced guardianship. I don't believe that your city is a guardian city, yet, but perhaps you'd be willing to help...

More info here:

I have 3 cats and a dog. All 3 cats are indoor-mostly cats (they are allowed out in the yard when it's nice out, but not allowed to leave the yard). The dog is left indoors when I'm not at home, but he gets walked everyday and is taking agility classes now.

My city has a cat-control bylaw that tries to make people more responsible for their cats, and under this law, you can borrow a humane trap from the city to catch cats who come onto your property. I got one last winter and trapped 2 cats in the 10 days I had it. Got one this summer and took 3 in--the first of which was a kitten probably no more than 4 months old, but who obviously had a home, as he was wearing a collar (no ID tags, just a bell). The other 2 were semi-feral, one was the likely father of many of the stray cats I see running around my neighbourhood (he was older, huge & intact). Since I got those 3, I have seen a lot less cats around, but there's still enough that it bothers me.

We're fast approaching winter here, and I personally think that there isn't much worse than knowing that a cat (or dog) is going to freeze to death or starve to death outdoors, because no one cared enough about them. Everytime I curl up next to a roaring fire and see one of my creatures curled up next to me, or on the floor, and I know that even though they're safe, there's so many more who aren't, it makes me very sad.

I've never understood the mentality of a person who wants a pet but doesn't want to take care of it. Why bother? *shrug*

Do you have a dog to take on your nightly walks through cat-infested streets?

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September 20th, 2006, 02:08 PM
A lot of people seem to think cats are these aloof beings that want nothing to do with humans . . . just set down food and water for them and that's it. (Which makes you wonder why they want a cat . . . Do they just enjoy spending money on cat food?)

Well, some cats are aloof, but others would be miserable if their people ignored them all day! Lots of cats like cuddles and pets and playtime. One of my kitty boys is laidback and doesn't demand a lot of attention (although he likes gentle, quiet petting), but my other kitty boy is an attention whore and will roll around dramatically or mew if he feels he's not getting enough lovin'. ;)