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hello from your neighbor to the south :)

Rose Hutch
September 19th, 2006, 06:32 PM
Hi everyone :),

I am a new member due to Sultan being posted. I offered to take him in if it will save his life. I e-mailed his owners to ask about the "attack" incident, waiting to hear back. And I thought some of our ACO's here in the states were bad, geez. If the spca will let him live in another country, I will take him in, I will foster him in hopes his owners can get him back. If that will work, it's a plan for Sultan and his family. If not, then I will help anyway I can to help Sultan's owners get him back. He sounds like a typical GSD to me, not dangerous. My crew sound like they want to chew up anyone that comes to the door, but they really LOVE people, they're just doing their job of protecting home and their people. They have never even thought about nipping or biting anyone, though I know it could happen, I just watch them and make sure they aren't getting stressed or being annoyed. They are a great fur crew and I love them all :).

Rose and the furry crew of 8
and 3 fosters :)