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Just when you think you messed up the training.....

September 19th, 2006, 02:38 PM
.......they surprise you. Cooper was really pretty good about housetraining and then for some reason he decided that the living room was his version of indoor facilitites.

So I came here crying and the lovely experienced people here patted me on the head, explained the doggie "teen years" to me and sent me back to re-introduce housetraining. We started again at the beginning and now he sits at the door and looks at me when he wants to go out--just the same way he had done before his little rebellion. I can't remember the last time he "did a bad" in the house. (Of course, Murphy's law--he's probably doing one right now since I'm bragging.:rolleyes: )

Anyway--thanks everyone. You were right. AGAIN !!