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She jumped off the roof!

Dog Dancer
September 18th, 2006, 02:09 PM
She's okay - Well as most of you know, my Akita X Shadow (who is 9) has SA. She has had it for 8 years now. She spent several years in doggy day care but for the past year and a half has been quite content to stay outside during the day on our upper deck patio with her pal Halo. The gate outside of the yard is locked when we're not home, and normally so is the patio gate. Well last night we had to go out to a wedding and left the dogs outside as usual only to get a phone call from our neighbour about two hours after we left that they had just seen Shadow jump off the carport roof and she was out in the alley.:eek: They went and got her (meanwhile the lab was trying her best to get over the 4' patio fence to jump too but fortunately is too butt heavy) and then tied her up on the patio. I told them that wouldn't work because if she jumped again she'd hang herself. So they had to go into my house and get my spare car keys and put the two dogs into my car in the driveway. Which as a rule Shadow is okay with. My son then came over from his house and stayed with them until we got home a couple hours later (we had to wait for dinner to be served then we left right away).

It's so scary to think of her jumping off the roof - even though its only about 4 1/2' high, but she's not young or small so she'll land pretty hard. Probably my mistake for taking her to agility and teaching her to jump when she was young huh!! Anyhow, today she's back at doggy day care and tomorrow she has a vet appointment to talk about maybe chlomicalm or something again. She was on that very briefly when she was very young, but I hated it.

I don't know what made her snap last night. She's home every day of the week with no issue and now she decides to jump over the railing. Give me strength, my stomach is ill today just thinking about the poor girl. I wish I could get in her head and sort her out. And I feel bad for Halo who now has to stay home alone (she hates the day care place) and she's soooo attached to Shadow. I don't think she'll jump without Shadow there to encourage her though (the neighbours are watching today though just to make sure). Wish me luck!:fingerscr

September 18th, 2006, 02:20 PM
Oh, if we could get in their heads life might be so much simpler!

I'm glad she's (sort of) ok.:grouphug: