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Holistic vet suggesting home cooked!! need some guidance

September 16th, 2006, 12:57 PM
Went to the holistic vet this morning (which was AMAZING) and she suggested we switch Odin to a homecooked diet (which I kinda wanted to do anyway). We are to feed 1/3 meat (chicken), 1/3 grains (brown rice), and 1/3 veggies (anything we feel like or that is in season).

I have a two part question:

1) So, she gave us the guidelines, which suppliments to buy, etc, but said we need to figure out how many calories we are feeding now to figure out how much homecooked food we feed. she said to look on our dog food bag.

WELL, our dog food bag doesn't have caloric content info on it, nor does the website (Dick Van Pattons natural balance venison and rice). How do I know how many calories I am feeding now? I know how to calculate to calories in the homecooked diet (that's easy).

2) I know you can't feed the bones to Odin after they are cooked. She suggested we boil the meat and make a stew, and then just pick out the large bones, because the small bones will break apart she said if we cook the meet in a slow cooker.

So, on our way home, we missed our cutoff for apple picking, which we were going to do, and as fate would have it, found the Maple Leaf Farms Chicken OUTLET!! Whoo Hoo! I got 10 lbs of chicken at 99cent a lb.

Now, I have a meat grinder. I have never used it before, but I found it in my parents basement when my mom sold the house. She said all the parts were there, just needs to be cleaned (its one of those old solid heavy stainless steal ones that you clip to a table and hand crank).

Should I maybe just grind the meat after it's cooked to ensure any small bones are super small? Or take out the large bones before its cooked and grind the rest??

Right now I am going to slow cook it all whole, let it cool overnight, skim the excess fat off the top, and shred the meat tomorrow, picking out all the bones. But that's a long process...could become annoying overtime.

I need your expert ideas people!!

September 16th, 2006, 03:43 PM
You might want to try for a wonderful supplement to meat. My dogs love it.:)